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    Freelancer in Bucharest, Romania
    55 Reviews

    I have good experience with all the skills selected and can deliver quality software that will meet your specific requirements.

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  • liangjongai's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Dandong City, China
    84 Reviews

    Customer's Satisfy is my happiness! Our slogan is "High Speed, User Friendly, 100% Completeness". In our team there are several programming experts and we have been working for 11+ years together now. We've completed Large Complex Backend Management Systems with PHP, JSP, jQuery, Python, NodeJS. We've experienced...

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  • TechnoAppMaster's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in India, India
    110 Reviews

    With 5 years of experience, I have developed a many mobile applications in different context, professional and personal. In terms of Android I am familiar with all components like Push Notification, Sqlite, Camera, Media, Fragments, Broadcast Receiver, Services, Gps and many more. I am reliable, passionate by what I...

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  • AhmedWessam's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Cairo, Egypt
    20 Reviews

    Experienced Back-end Developers with loads of experience in all scripting languages. Guaranteed Satisfaction in all types of projects which contain PHP, Python , Javascript or jQuery + Any Database ! More than 6 years of experience in creating Restful APIs ! High Quality Only ! Apart from Web , We Can : - Develop...

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  • bhavinbhadani's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Surat, India
    5 Reviews

    Awesome mobile apps created with passion and extreme attention to detail. If you are highly motivated and enthusiastic about your app idea I would be very glad to help you. I can take care of design, mobile and server side development, testing and submitting to stores also. * Auto layout, Autoresize, * Payment...

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  • razirzwan's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Wazirabad, Pakistan
    42 Reviews

    Quality and Responsive Applications, Time Management, 4 year Mobile App Development Experience including Business apps.

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Finding SQLite Professionals on Freelancer

SQLite serves like a compact library, which implements self-contained, server less, and zero-configuration SQL database engine. The SQLite is in a public domain that means it can be used for purposes whether it is commercial or private. Companies and business that are looking into creating their own SQLite server now have access to freelancers who are willing to get the job done for you. Freelancer.com is home to over 19 million talented freelancers from around the world and no matter where you are, there will be a freelancer to get your needs done.

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Creating websites with a server, starting a prototype application right away, or needing a lightweight database for your application are only some of the things that need SQLite Professionals. Tasks like these can sometimes become overwhelming along with uncertainty of hiring the right person to do the job. Let these skilled freelancers accomplish these jobs for you. Professionals who understand your needs and who know how to get the work done should handle these tedious jobs for you. Freelancer.com is the best way to find these professionals who are ready to help you out with any concern regarding SQLite.

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