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  • malkabqlami6ka's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Sofia, Bulgaria
    66 Reviews

    experienced expert in econometric and statistical modeling of pretty much everything you can think of. currently involved in official approval of internal econometric models that banks are using.

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  • Chinmoy57's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Kolkata, India
    7 Reviews

    I have reasonable experience in SPSS and R Programming Language,with specialization in examining user data/big data and formulating statistical analysis and business strategies.also i'm a post graduate in Statistics.

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  • aleksandraspss's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Novi Sad, Serbia
    22 Reviews

    PhD psychology student with 5 years of experience in scientific and commercial research, survey design and methodology, statistical analysis, academic writing and proofreading. Fully experienced with various statistical softwares - SPSS, STATA, MInitab, R, StatTools. I have research experience in diverse topic ...

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  • EasyStatsolved's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Beni Mellal, Morocco
    16 Reviews

    Engineer in Statistics and Applied Economics, i've got many skills and expertise that will allow me to achieve perfectly all the projects and missions. I have advanced knowledges in: --Econometrics: Panel Data, Pooled Data, cross-section Data, Probit, Logit, Multinomial Logit, scoring, Economics modeling, Tobit, He ...

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  • TStat's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in kolkata, India
    10 Reviews

    ------------------------------------------------------------------- Statistician with good analytical skills.Qualification- Masters in Statistics Areas of Expertise: TESTING OF HYPOTHESIS, ANOVA, MANOVA, REGRESSION ANALYSIS,LOGISTIC REGRESSION,PREDICTIVE ANALYSIS,TIME SERIES ANALYSIS, PCA ,CLUSTER & FACTOR ANA ...

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  • karanrajput1112's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Delhi, India
    55 Reviews

    As a Post Graduate in Applied Statistics I have a lot of experience in handling statistical data, especially in Time Series Modelling & Forecasting, Regression analysis, Bio-Statistics, descriptive and Inferential Statistics etc. I have also studied mathematics at my graduation level. I had done various projects b ...

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Finding SPSS Statistics Experts on Freelancer

What is SPSS exactly? SPSS is a collection of software produced by IBM for the purpose of data mining and text analytics. The software gets its acronym from the software project’s original name: Statistical Package for the Social Sciences. The current version, SPSS 16 is available on Microsoft Windows. IMB has also made a version of SPSS on Mac.

Need to hire an SPSS? Freelancer.com is the place to find and hire an analytics expert proficient in IMB’s SPSS Statistics software that can help your company identify trends and make projections based on your data from previous periods. Hiring a financial analyst will help your business make more informed decisions for the future and prepare to take advantage of market trends before they happen.

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