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    Freelancer in Apsley, Canada
    16 Reviews

    I have Earned a B. A. In Business Administration, with a Marketing major. I am former Licensed Real Estate Agent and Automotive Sales and Leasing Consultant . Content writing was a must. I have been Ghostwriting professionally for many years, with many publications. I love to write. I am creative, imaginative ...

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    Freelancer in Hudson Bay, Canada
    9 Reviews

    Right now I am a stay at home mom on maternity leave. I would love to stay a stay at home mom so I am trying out this freelancer website. I have an over-active imagination and I love creative writing and pencil drawing.

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    Freelancer in Montclair, United States
    7 Reviews

    Young writer with a passion for wordcraft and college education in regards to English and Maths. Looking for work in order to build experience and references. Capable in research, writing, proofreading, and editing.

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    Freelancer in Maribor, Slovenia
    1 Reviews

    Fiverr star coming fresh to Freelancer, have written 200+ articles with immaculate 5 star rating. Professional content writing with Hummingbird SEO and SEM standards, specialized in medical and health articles. I have a Masters degree in Pharmacy. I am a Google Certified Partner for AdWords. Both of these come i ...

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    Freelancer in Piney Flats, United States
    8 Reviews

    English is my native language and writing is my passion. I find the writing niche that gives your project the image you want. From eye-catching entertainment to professional savvy, my work is crafted with your audience in mind. To each client, I offer a distinct tone that makes their website or product stand apart ...

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    Freelancer in Portland, United States
    3 Reviews

    A novelist with his own blog. A native English speaker, with more than four years of experience with writing, proofreading, editing, critiquing, in genres of both nonfiction and fiction, professional or personal writing. Capable of completing unique tasks promptly and with a quality effort.

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Finding Short Story Writers on Freelancer

Life is hectic and filled with so many activities that the chances of you taking some time off to entertain yourself is very low. When you do have some time off, chances are that it won’t last that long - long enough for you to read an entire novel. That is why the short story exists: it is a very entertaining yet practical alternative to long novels. Short stories only need a small amount of your time to be read and understood.

Short story writers are creative writers who are highly talented in creating stories that contain a vivid depiction of scenes and situations that run throughout the story with a short yet naturally flowing plot. However, they don’t just write short stories for the sake of just writing them. Short story writers are very creative to the point that each of their stories makes sense, are meaningful, and are very exciting to read.

If you are a publishing house or an author of a story compilation in need of a contributor, Freelancer.com has almost 700 creative writers from different countries all over the world. The number of creative writers are still continuously growing as time goes by, so you can find, connect with, and hire the best short story writers best suited for your genre of stories.

It is very tricky to find really talented, creative, and excellent short story writers for your publishing house or your compilation book. Fortunately, Freelancer.com features a plethora of writers who specialize in different genres and different writing styles in different points of view. Also, since these creative writers are freelancers, you can pick and choose the one you want to hire, for what project, price and for however long you want to retain them for. You're in control of your project. 

Whether it would be for a magazine, a newspaper, or for a compilation of short stories, hiring an expert Freelancer allows you to get highly talented and highly skilled short story writers at the best prices; may it be an hourly rate or a full rate for the entire project. You could also choose to allow your candidates to bid for the lowest possible price.

And because Freelancer.com is filled with seriously talented creative writers, you can find the ones that suits your liking and standards by browsing through the directory, check the ratings given to them by their previous clients, and read through their reviews, and find out how much money and experience they’ve already earned from freelance projects in creative writing. You can read up on their credentials, or you can start a chat with them and ask them yourself about their preferred genre, style of writing, work ethic, and get to know everything you need to hire a short story writer that you know will produce great stories for a specific genre, that will entertain your chosen audience, the short story writer that will get the job done.

Since these writers are based from different countries around the world, their stories could be based on their cultural identities. They could share their culture and history to you and the world. Therefore, if you’re looking for a short story that deals with the culture of a different country, the writers at Freelancer.com are a perfect choice for the task at hand.

Anyone’s stories could go places; from small websites to best-selling story compilations. Everything is possible with the short story writers at Freelancer.com. So post your project today, and find the writer that can help you make it happen.




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