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    Freelancer in Martin, Slovakia
    3 Reviews

    I run a freelance business where I offer these services: - Development and manufacture of consumer electronics, communication electronics and computers. -Services related to computer data processing -Services related to software development and testing -R&D services in natural and technical sciences You can check out...

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    Freelancer in Santo Tome, Argentina
    3 Reviews

    Serfe is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company that provides consulting and development services in information technology oriented to Internet. We specialize in the development of (1) websites with Joomla and Wordpress, (2) large online systems using the latest available technologies and (3) customization of any Free...

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  • epsantos1's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Nova Lima, Brazil
    2 Reviews

    * Implementation and management of portfolios * Architecture, management and implementation of projects * Design, redesign and process optimization * Business process management (BPM) * Modeling, architecture, development and integration of systems * Project Manager (Agile, SCRUM, PMI) * Approaches based on ITIL and...

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  • funkeojo's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in columbia sc, United States
    12 Reviews

    I specialize in all types of Data Entry, Data Mining, Data Processing and Data Conversion projects, I love typing. I can type up to 90+ words per minute without any mistake. I have more than 20 years of experience in this field. I can type from any kind of SCAN documents into editable Word or Excel format. I can type...

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  • arsal1989's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in RAWALPINDI, Pakistan
    18 Reviews

    I am an experienced developer/designer, and have worked for many years. I am experienced in both web and desktop applications I am looking to be hired and work on projects involving PHP, C++, C#. I also have experience of ANDROID/IOS I also have worked on converting PSD to HTML using bootstrap.

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  • gamsoft's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Mar Del Plata, Argentina
    6 Reviews

    https://www.linkedin.com/in/cristianmoure I’m software developer with knowledge and experience of: - Web, mobile, desktop and server applications development. - Architectures and design the web applications. - Working with small and big teams, team leadership and training people. - Working with SQL and NoSql...

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Finding Scrum Experts on Freelancer

For time-sensitive projects, or ones requiring the collaboration of a large team resulting in change happen at a rapid pace, the methodology of Scrum is the perfect solution. While the basic principles of Scrum could be beneficial to any type of project, it is mostly used in the development of software.

The core purpose of Scrum is to anticipate that during the creation process of an application customers might be prone to change their minds, and sometimes more than once.  The acceptance that one cannot control the decisions that a consumer makes, or the number of times the plan has to change in order to accommodate the customer, is precisely why Scrum takes the focus off of the exact details of the project and turns it toward ensuring that a team is able to quickly regain momentum when such changes arise. Scrum assigns projects a predetermined time frame. Throughout that time frame the team will participate in sprints (pre-determined time frames within the project that are generally between two weeks and one month) and the meetings that are held to discuss the progress of each sprint.

There are three core roles in Scrum, they are the product owner, the development team, and the scrum master.

  1. The product owner is the voice of the customer. The product owner’s main focus is communication and ensuring that the team delivers a quality product tailored to the requests of the customer.

  2. The development team has many different responsibilities in the product creation process. The team is typically comprised of three to nine individuals, all with the same common goal of keeping the project running in accordance with the predetermined schedule while creating an exceptional product. The development team works to analyze, design, develop, test, and provide the technical communication about the project. They’re other important role is delivering progress updates at the end of each sprint. In order to ensure that all team members are kept up to date, there is also a morning meeting held each day to discuss the completed tasks from the day before.

  3. The Scrum master is responsible for removing anything that causes the progression of the sprint to get off track. The Scrum master is not a project manager in the typical sense, but a buffer between the team and potential distractions. The Scrum master aims to maintain the product backlog, mentoring the team within the Scrum principles and organizing everything from team events to the product documentation.

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