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    Scheme is a functional programming language and one of the two main dialects for the programming language Lisp. Scheme is focused on a minimalist design philosophy and is one of the core tools for language extension.

    Created in the 1970’s, Scheme was one of the first programming languages to support first-class continuations and has a significant influence on today’s programming languages. It is a clean programming language that has lexical scoping, uniform evaluation rules and uniform treatment of data types.

    As it has a family of dialects, Scheme is often touted as an unportable programming language. The language uses a design philosophy of minimalism and provides powerful tools for extending the programming language.

    Scheme shares characteristics with other members of the Lisp programming language family. The syntax of Scheme is made up of s-expressions (lists followed by arguments), nested lists and the main data structure of the code.

    The simplicity of Scheme means It is easy for developers to implement and much easier to use than modern programming languages. Scheme is a popular choice for language designers, educators and new programmers as it is simple to use for embedded systems and scripting.

    Features of Scheme include:

    • Functional programming language
    • Supports many features found in interpreted languages such as closures, first class function and advanced meta-programming
    • Minimalistic language
    • Lexical scope 
    • Shared namespace for variables and procedures
    • Full set of numerical data types
    • Programmers have the ability to further extend the language with extra features
    • All data types are equal 
    • Scheme is expressive, meaning users can say things in some ways

    If your business, university or organisation is looking to engage Scheme as the programming language for your next project, using a freelancer with knowledge in Scheme is a simple and effective way to get your programming completed simply and easily without error. provides a range of experienced freelancers with knowledge of Scheme for your programming project. Based all over the world, freelancers can assist remotely and undertake your programming seamlessly at a time and budget that suits you.

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