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    Freelancer in MALTEPE, Turkey
    55 Reviews

    Graduated as Software Engineer and has been practicing expertise on Ruby on Rails for more than 5 years; expertise is enhanced by skills in software architecture and design, angular, react, hybrid mobile apps and SQL & No-Sql knowledge. >Analytical thinking capability, >Problem solving >Software Architecture & Des ...

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  • yeuem1vannam's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Ha Noi, Vietnam
    10 Reviews

    - 5+ years experience in working with Ruby on Rails - Deep knowledge in database systems: MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis, DynamoDB, Firebase ... - Very familiar with cloud services: Amazon Web Service, Google Cloud Service - Experienced in ElasticSearch - Have great skill and experience in HTML / CSS / JavaScrip ...

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  • danfre's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Cincinnati, United States
    5 Reviews

    Rails Enthusiast. Skilled in PHP. Love to code in free time. Programming is a passion and a career for me. https://djf-programming.herokuapp.com/

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  • RaalFy's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Makurdi, Nigeria
    92 Reviews

    Hi, I'm Ralph, an all-around Linux systems administrator with over 10 years of experience in Linux systems. I've worked on several Unix infrastructures and internal application systems including web-servers (Apache, Nginx), TCP/IP networking, architecture and core technologies (DNS, SFTP, SSH, etc) Skills: - Pro-a ...

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  • joshuanathaniel's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Coralville, United States
    5 Reviews

    I love to code. It is my driving passion every day. I'm a U.S. Veteran so I know what hard work means. I make myself available 24/7. I have B.S. in Computer Science and I'd love to take my skills and apply them to your project! From the Front End to the Back End I have you covered!

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  • nakulpatekar's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Pune, India
    3 Reviews

    I am an engineering graduate, with 5+ years of industry experience in software development, currently working with one of the top software brands as a Senior Software Engineer. Experience In: 1. Java/J2EE 2. Rub 3. JavaScript 4. Spring(MVC, DI, AOP) 5. Persistance: Hibernate, JPA 6. Databases: Oracle, MySQL, Postg ...

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Finding Ruby Developers on Freelancer

Ruby is a computer programming language or code as it's known in the industry. It has been used since the 1990's, and the original Ruby developer was Yukihiro Matsumoto who designed the language in his home country of Japan. The now well-known Ruby programming code was named after the birthstone of a colleague of the creator.

Ruby on Rails, ROR or just 'Rails' as it is commonly known is a web-application frame which is written in Ruby code; ROR provides standardized configurations for databases and web pages and is popular with the use of JSON or XML for data transfer and HTML and CSS for visual displays. Ruby on Rails (ROR or Rails) and Ruby are different but are used hand-in-hand with each other; Ruby is learnt first to enable the programmer to learn Ruby on Rails.

If you have any experience of Ruby programming or have undertaken a Ruby tutorial, you'll know that Ruby is probably the easiest coding language to learn first. It's high-level, but it's closely related to the spoken English language making it much easier to understand. If you or your employees have an understanding of Ruby and have completed a Ruby tutorial while you may have a general understanding of Ruby, you will still need to hire a Ruby expert from any of the thousands whose skills are advertised through Freelancer.com.

Ruby is one of the most popular programming languages in use today and as the number of organisations building websites on Ruby on Rails is growing, so is demand for Ruby programmers. This increase in the popularity of the Ruby programming language means that more and more experts are using their knowledge to take up freelance employment which means that their skills are spread across many projects and organisations rather than being dedicated to one company.

Freelancer.com gives you access to the profiles of hundreds of Ruby and Ruby on Rails experts and if you want to engage with somebody who has the skills available to create an app such as Twitter or Groupon, without being contractually obligated and without paying a fee that will break the bank, then you've come to the right place! The Ruby community is close-knit, and those that specialize in Ruby programming and ROR have chat rooms and forums which not only help to increase their Ruby knowledge but also provide a support network for users too.

Hiring a freelance Ruby expert will save your company money as once they have completed the project you will be under no further obligation to offer any more employment but if you are impressed with their work ethos and recognize that they can bring more value to your company it is a great opportunity to 'try before you buy'. As a freelancer, Ruby experts often work from home, which means that their overheads are low so they can pass those savings onto you.

Ruby and Ruby on Rails are fast becoming extremely popular tools for coding within the industry, and Freelancer.com has thousands of Ruby experts who can complete your project, no matter how big or small, within a budget and timeframe that suits you.