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    A Rocket Engine is a reaction engine found in spacecraft and in rocket vehicles. It is capable of carrying all the necessary elements for functioning of an aircraft like fuel and oxidizer. It operates efficiently in the atmosphere as well as in a vacuum. Rocket-Engine experts are typically aerospace engineers who specialize in designing and manufacturing aircrafts.

    A Rocket engine expert has the responsibility of certifying the total assembly of the engine before the hot fire test and its installation within the Electron launch spacecraft. They have to work in coordination with other engineering professionals to work and improve the operations, design and manufacturing of the engine, so that the electron launch vehicle achieves its performance. The minimum requirements of a Rocket engine expert are:

    • To hold a degree of an aircraft maintenance engineer or an equivalent qualification

    • Experience in aircraft maintenance

    • Industry experience of over 5 years

    • Qualification of a Fitter or Turner

    • Should possess a high level of attention to details

    • Excellent communication skills and the ability to work in coordination with engineering professionals.

    • Should have the experience in the fabricating and machining of aircraft parts

    • Experienced enough to create assemblies including maintenance procedures

    • Should have the ability to keep to deadlines

    A Rocket Engine expert can also be termed as an Aircraft technician or Mechanic. His work involves diagnosis, adjustment and overhauling aircraft engines and assemblies like pneumatic and hydraulic system. He should have worked in the propulsion area both in the academic as well as industrial settings for at least 10 years. Expertise in chemical propulsion, ion propulsion and solid propellant propulsions is a must.

    The extensive experience and knowledge of an expert should include regenerative, thermal and mechanical performance. The focus should mainly be on injector optimization that will include injector patterns and layouts. Co efficiency and mechanical properties are essential elements that an expert should possess. Working in close coordination with other engineers, bringing a change in the design of the engine and at the same time improving reliability, flight worthiness and performance are the mandatory qualities of a Rocket Engine expert.

    When you are hiring a Rocket Engine expert you must look for the following qualifications

    • Does he /she hold an aircraft engineering degree?

    • Does he/she have enough work experience in aircraft maintenance and creating assembly that also include maintenance procedures?

    • How proficient are his/her  communication skills while working with other professionals?

    • Is he/she qualified to work in the propulsion area?

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