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    In a market with cut-throat competition, efficient strategies for risk management are inevitable not only to survive against competitors but to create unique positioning in the market.

    What is risk management?

    The key steps in risk management are:

    1. Recognition

    2. Analysis

    3. Evaluation and

    4. Limiting of risks

    Risk can be addressed via a number of methods including risk transfers, risk retention, risk assumption, risk avoidance or a combination of two or more of these. Risk managers essentially offer expert guidance and opinions with regard to the risk for profitability and financial stability of an organisation. By identifying and evaluating potential risks, they formulate plans to combat them if and when they occur. Moreover, they also determine ways to avoid, decrease or transfer the risks in case these options are feasible practically.

    Therefore, by taking care of the organisation in this way, risk managers are also responsible for the other employees, stakeholders and their interests and assets and even the customers of the organisation.

    Areas of Speciality of a Risk Manager

    • Technology risk

    • Security and information risk

    • Enterprise risk

    • Corporate risk

    • Operational risk

    • Regulatory risk

    • Credit and market risk

    Duties Expected of a Risk Manager

    • Identifying, analysing and evaluating existing and potential risks

    • Plan, design and implement risk management strategies for an organisation

    • Assessing the ways by which the organisation handled any risks previously

    • Evaluating costs for legal and environmental factors

    • Ensuring compliance to standards

    • Conducting audits and liaising with internal and external auditors

    • Implementing health and safety measures

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