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  • gopinathansubu's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Trichy, India
    5 Reviews

    Professional Experience : 4+ years - Robert Bosch GmbH 2+ year - Cinnovator Skill Set: -> Programming Language: Expert in C and Embedded C, Python -> Microcontroller and Development Board: AVR or Arduino Boards, Raspberry Pi, IMX6 Sabrelite, IMX6 Wandboard, AM335x-SK(Higher...

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  • RobinLabPtyLtd's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Hoppers Crossing, Australia
    24 Reviews

    My bids are pricey. But you get what you pay for: quality and speed are guaranteed. I could paste tons of technical info here, but would rather share some warm words I've got from other people: "Eugene is one of the guys who makes software world go round. This is the person who merely loves his work. The best part...

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  • khmtambi's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Karachi, Pakistan
    10 Reviews

    Welcome to my profile, About me, I am an Electronic Engineer with good taste of embedded systems. Currently I am working as Firmware developer at a local company where I learn and practice OpenWrt and Hotspot configurations and implementations and some driver related stuff as well as QA (Quality Assurance) of my own...

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  • rolandlawrence's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in adyar,chennai, India
    8 Reviews

    I am an embedded engineer having good working experience in set top box product development. I have good exposure to device drivers, Linux,RTOS. I have a good experience in C and C++ languages. I would like to choose the projects related to C and C++

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  • aleemakhtar1's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Greator noida, India
    21 Reviews

    we are team based freelancer having around 10 year of software design development/web designing experience. We belive working as a team is best way to deliver quality and timely product to our customer. having experience in all web designing tool(.nett,php,,html), and embedded system,software...

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  • viniciusfre's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in fortaleza, Brazil
    16 Reviews

    I have experience in firmware development and Real Time Systems. Software development for embedded Linux using C/C++. Programming device drivers for the Linux operating system. And experience with: * ARM microcontroller (ARM7, ARM cortex-m3/m4) * Real Time Systems (FreeRTOS, TIRTOS) * PIC16F/PIC18f families * Linux...

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Finding RTOS Programmers on Freelancer

From in-computer databases and tracking devices to the safety features that our cars use, a real-time operating system (RTOS) is used in various ways which can be seen in computer systems and consumer electronics. Real-time operating systems are becoming increasingly relevant as automated cars, digital homes, and artificial intelligence become increasingly popular in today’s technology.

RTOS programmers make these possible, they design a systematic way of dealing every single input made by a certain variable in real time. There are several softwares and programming language which are used to create an RTOS, ranging from Lynx OS and RTLinux to Windows CE.

If you’re in need of an RTOS Programmer for your embedded system, Freelancer.com has dozens of them you can choose from, sourced from all over the world. And since RTOS programming is a more recent form of programming, the network could continuously grow to hundreds or thousands as you search for the perfect programmer for the job.

What’s more, since they’re readily available online, there’s no need for you to look extremely hard for an RTOS programmer since they’re still very few of them around the world. Also, no need for programmers who don’t have sufficient knowledge about RTOS programming. Freelancer’s hiring process is designed to be quick, convenient, and free for you to try out. Post a project, fill out your specifications, and talk directly to interested RTOS programmers in real time. There are no need for delays, revisions, frustrations, and additional fees paid to the company they work for.

It’s all about you, the system you desire to make, and the right RTOS programmer that can make your desired embedded system to come to life.

Whether it’s just for allocating and storing memory, or you’re working on a consumer appliance that deals with embedded systems, hiring one of our Freelancers allows you to get the best RTOS programmers at the best price. You can either specify an hourly rate, or a full rate for the entire project, or you can choose to allow your candidates to bi for the lowest possible price.

And because there aren’t a lot of RTOS programmers, you can browse through the directory and check the ratings given to them by their previous employers, and read through their reviews, and find out how much money they’ve already earned from freelance projects in RTOS programming and other skill sets. You can read up on their credentials and experience, or you can start a chat with them and ask them yourself about their experience, work ethic, kinds of projects they’ve dealt with, and everything you need to know to hire the RTOS programmer that you know you can trust, and one that can handle everything you wish for in your embedded system.

With Freelancer’s vast amount of skill sets, RTOS programmers could also do the following:

  • Electronics
  • Electrical Engineering
  • PCB Layout
  • Mobile Applications
  • Network Administration

And because they come from all over the world, it’s much easier to find one that knows what your RTOS program needs in your locality, or the one that caters to the perfect type of RTOS programming that you’re looking for.

Your RTOS program could find its way to the stuff that people use every day. With the RTOS programmers at Freelancer.com, it is highly achievable. So post your project today, and find the RTOS programmer that can help you make it happen.