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    Freelancer in Bouira, Algeria
    24 Reviews

    From keynotes on the big stage to everyday presentations, making a presentation puts you on public display. Your audience will not only listen to your ideas, they will also respond to the way you present them. You will need more than a well-written presentation to make an impact. You will need to deliver it in a fl ...

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  • AhmedEleyan's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Gaza, Palestinian Territory
    4 Reviews

    Combining between Information Technology field and business is my aim, by thriving my knowledge of software engineering and e-marketing field specially Facebook marketing strategy, I can offer a valuable service and market it to the right target segment.

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  • GFI8's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Montevideo, Uruguay
    10 Reviews

    I have an Architecture Degree BaHONS from the University of Greenwich. I study social sciences at the moment in Uruguay. I speak Spanish and English fluently and can translate easily.

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  • radwaashraf's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Egypt, Egypt
    13 Reviews

    I'm Radwa Ashraf , Egyptian graphic designer. I'm Animator at animated medical life *AML* team I've been working as animator for 4 years I'm expert at Anime studio Also , I can do video editing , using illustrator , after effect , PS . I'm also member at TSSA Whatever your work is , I guarantee you high qu ...

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  • karlagulbin's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Makati City, Philippines
    4 Reviews

    Do you have a Copy Typing job and are looking for a talented and experienced Copy Typing Freelancer? I believe that my experience and skill in this background will prove to be of great help to you. I have worked as a Copy Typing Freelancer for many years and my skills and experience will prove useful to your work. ...

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  • EvitaDesign's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in pamplona, Spain
    4 Reviews

    Evita-design is a creative studio based in Pamplona, North Spain. Designing happily since 1998 Graphic, Illustration and Interior Design.

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Finding Prezi Editors on Freelancer

Prezi’s cloud-based presentation capabilities make it the perfect presentation tool for creating innovative presentations that are sure to impress.

The clever software revolutionized the market when it was released in 2009 due to its clever zooming interface tool, which allows users to zoom in and zoom out of the presentation and navigate their own journey through the presentation.

Much like the age old ‘choose your own adventure’ books, Prezi truly is the most modern media for presentations and enables users to navigate through presentations within a 2D or parallax 3D on the Z-axis.

The software is an effective communication tool and promotes the ability to engage in visual storytelling and conversational presenting that engages with audiences and can be altered to suit the audience's reaction.

The Prezi software suite allows users an enhanced ability to collaborate and view presentations, whether it is by desktop, iPad or the Prezi app. Up to ten people can co-edit a presentation and show the edits in real time.

Basic features of the software include infinite canvas, image editing, re-usable templates, offline presenting capabilities, privacy control and a range of file types.

Prezi can be used for a wide variety of purposes include:

Business and conferences

Prezi allows far better visual capabilities than traditional PowerPoint presentations and via the Prezi online platform, regardless of where you are in the world you can edit and present via a handy web link. No more issues with files, USB’s, Prezi is available instantly via the web.


High schools and universities are using Prezi to collaborate and present knowledge in a new and innovative way. With the prevalence of eLearning and edutainment, Prezi provides the digital element that engages with students of all ages.      

Information visualization

Media outlets and information providers are using Prezi to present information in new and innovative ways. Maps, data and info graphics are displayed in unique and interactive formats on Prezi, enhancing usability and offering an interactive option for consumers.

Prezi has a variety of features that make it an approachable tool to create dynamic presentations.

Benefits of Prezi:

  • Share information online
  • Prezi is free for students
  • Make your presentations public for anyone to watch
  • More engaging than PowerPoint or Keynote
  • Creative with zoom functionality
  • Accessible via the Internet allowing easy access wherever you are

Prezi allow presenters to pitch ideas or present on the go with Cloud-syncing ensuring users always have the latest version.

It’s difficult to be an expert at all presentation software, engaging a professional Prezi creator allows you to experience all the benefits of having an innovative presentation for your next conference, without the challenges of learning a new program from scratch.

If you’re not up to speed with creating presentations using Prezi, consider engaging an experienced freelancer who can create a winning Prezi for your next project.

Freelancers work on hourly rates or fixed project rates to suit your budget, and you can select from thousands of Prezi professionals to create your presentation via Freelancer.com.

Log on now and find the perfect Prezi freelancer and make your next presentation one to remember.