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  • zinnatbg's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Plovdiv, Bulgaria
    29 Reviews

    Hello to everyone , I'm a music Producer & Engineer with 10 years of experience. I compose tracks , beats , soundtracks and sound fx in any type and genre. I can edit and sound design anything that you need with the best quality provided . Some of my skills are : - Music Production - Sound Design - Audio Master ...

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  • altable's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Mexico, Mexico
    6 Reviews

    Digital animation and visuals generalist, with professional experience in commercials and visuals for live shows and corporate events. Reliable and ready to work under precise direction or creative freedom. vimeo.com/altable/videos

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  • rfgenius95's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Roorkee, India
    4 Reviews

    I am a student at IIT Roorkee and a member of film-making group. Working as an editing head I have been proving my worth with special effects in every project. I have won the AIST Real Steel Competition, 2015. I have been making introductory and promotional videos for various start-ups and events for past few years ...

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  • AndreaPalmas's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in ., Italy
    58 Reviews

    I'm an architect and interior designer with 5 years of experiece and I collaborate with many firms around the world. I'm higly qualified with the most programs for 3D modeling, rendering, postproduction and 2D. 3DS Max + VRay ...

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  • islam3d's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Alexandria, Egypt
    6 Reviews

    I have a wide experience at product rendering especially for Amazon, Interior and exterior designs, and capable of making a high detailed modeling, realistic texturing, accurate lighting and photorealistic rendering. Actually my work experience supported by my talent provided me with what i need to start and finis ...

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  • fotoretusz's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in wloclawek, Poland
    23 Reviews

    I am looking forward to being hired by you for all your retouching jobs. I am an experienced photo retoucher and have a blend of experience in the area of Photoshop and so my service will prove to be useful for your projects. I am ready to be hired by you and start work today. My retouching effects are always natur ...

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Finding Post-Production Experts on Freelancer

Post-production refers to the many tasks - small or large - that are completed after filming or videotaping is complete. Most post-production tasks include highly technical processes such as cutting, editing, dubbing, post-synchronization and several others that get the film ready for distribution and broadcasting.

Post production is the final step in film creation and is just as crucial as the pre-production stage and the actual filming. All three components must be executed perfectly to create a successful movie.    

Experienced movie-makers strongly suggest that anybody who creates a film should always hire an experienced individual to handle the post production. There are several reasons for this. For one, it is sometimes difficult for a person who has worked on something to be objective about their creation. This means you may overlook critical flaws that could result in your movie flopping at the box office.

Another reason for hiring a professional is that they have had experience in this field and know exactly what will work and what won’t. This expertise is what can make the difference between the success and failure of your movie.

A post production expert will take care of all of these tasks for you:

  • Review all footage carefully, retaining only those scenes that work to enhance and complement the story while removing those scenes that are extraneous.
  • Pay special attention to the visual effects to make sure they look as realistic as possible. They examine every possible factor, from the settings of the scene to the extras hovering around in the background.
  • Ensures the dialogue, sounds and background music are in sync and that there is no time-lapse between the scene and the sound.
  • Add voice-overs and music where necessary.
  • Work together with the composer to make sure the final score is perfect.
  • Examine the color grading so that the result is more professional.

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