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    Freelancer in Thompson, United States
    11 Reviews

    ## BIO I am a writer and a musician. I have over fifteen years experience writing, composing and recording. I pride myself on my ability to tailor both written and musical compositions to the specific needs of clients' projects. All of my composition and recording is done in a professionally equipped studio, provi ...

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  • jainil666's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Kharagpur, India
    30 Reviews

    Engineering undergraduate student. Interested in creative writing and Mathematics. \m/

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  • essiethorn's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Springfield, United States
    2 Reviews

    Hello! I hope this day finds you well. My name is Essie, and I am an experienced, original and affordable Writer/Editor who is ready to get started on your next project right away. I offer these services: * Writing - Articles, Blogs & Content * Reviews - Books & Articles *Technical - Product descriptions, instr ...

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  • Mukta5Banik's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Bangalore, India
    36 Reviews

    I am an experienced Freelancer and Blog Writer ready to be outsourced by your organization. I have worked as a Freelancer and Blog Writer for more than 5 years for several reputed companies around the world. I enjoy working in a dynamic environment and can contribute majorly to your organization in a positive way. ...

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  • ioananca2006's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Brasov, Romania
    21 Reviews

    You can trust on me for any of your assignments and I will deliver the result in a prompt manner. I am looking forward to be outsourced by you. >> I do not work on hourly paid projects <<

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  • ascaore's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Nuneaton, United Kingdom
    4 Reviews

    I am a native Finnish writer, translator, transcriber and VA with a background in the entertainment and retail industries. I can transcribe English and Finnish audio and translate English to Finnish and Finnish to English texts, as well as Swedish to Finnish or Swedish to English texts. I have translated: ✓ i ...

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