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    Freelancer in Tuscaloosa, United States
    21 Reviews

    I currently have PhD in physics. I have a good knowledge of both physics and math. I have some experience with programming, mostly C++.

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  • ibrahimhany's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Alexandria, Egypt
    8 Reviews

    If your job requires: -->Programming (C or C++) -->GUI (qt) -->Web Development -->Mathematica/Matlab -->Physics (even requiring software) -->Mathematics (even requiring software) -->Engineering -->Nanotechnology -->Teaching -->LATEX -->GEANT4 or MCNP -->CERN ROOT then I will do it, with the least price and highest ...

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  • ljayasooriya83's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in kalutara, Sri Lanka
    68 Reviews

    LEDS - LISHAN ENGINEERING AND DESIGNING SOLUTIONS I am Lishan, a young mechanical engineer who is graduated from university of Moratuwa Sri Lanka. Now i work as a visiting lecturer while doing my masters degree. I do a research M.Sc. and it is about the effects of solid boundaries on the performance of a ceiling f ...

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  • issi's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Minsk, Belarus
    33 Reviews

    Physics. Wolfram Mathematica, numeric calculations and plots in Physics, Statistic, Finances. Latex text formatting. Native Russian and Belorussian. Translation from English, French, Polish to Russian and Belorussian.

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  • prakhar141991's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Delhi, India
    3 Reviews

    We have been working as an IT consultant for more than 4 years now and have developed sophisticated software and done process automation for our clients. We strive to deliver projects that exceeds our client's expectations. Our knowledge in many specialized fields is a great asset that you can use to have all your ...

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  • brenodacosta's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Belo Horizonte, Brazil
    5 Reviews

    Electrical engineering student, technical in electronics degree, with experience in math, physics, electronics, electrical and some languages like C, C++, assembly, MATLAB and VHDL. Estudante de engenharia elétrica, formado em curso técnico em eletrônica, com experiência em áreas da matemática, física, eletrônic ...

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