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Hire a Photo Editor

Hiring a freelancer is a cost-effective and time-saving recourse. At Freelancer.com there are a wide range of photo editing experts with experience in editing everything from eCommerce and retail images, fashion to sports, design to advertising and everything in between.

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What is Photo Editing?

It's all in the name with photo editing, While modern cameras are built with a host of fancy features to make the amateur user a better shooter, the sad fact is that no amount of tech can turn all of us into Annie Leibovitz overnight. More often than not, your photos will come out blurry, out of frame, or with very unflattering lighting for your subjects. Worse, it might just have your big ol' thumb accidentally taking up a sizeable chunk of image real estate. When this happens (and the chance to re-shoot the scene is long, long gone), you'll need a visual magician known as a photo editor.
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Hire a Photo Editor

On freelancer.com you can hire a Photo Editor to work on all sorts of Photo Editing jobs. No matter what your budget is, we have the right freelancer for your Photo Editing job.

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Website Design for Milan Fashion Week
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Hiring a Photo Editor on Freelancer

What does a photo editor do?

A photo editor modifies or enhances a photo. They help to improve the quality of the image, correct defects (like skin blemishes), remove unwanted objects (such as a telephone wire in the background), add or remove image background, or correct colors, brightness and tone for an image to make it more appealing.

Why should I hire a freelance photo editor?

Trying to edit your photos yourself can be a lengthy and time-consuming process. You may not have the knowledge or experience to use the editing tools correctly to achieve the kind of results you want. Hiring a freelance editor allows you to get professional-quality results that you wouldn't get if you tried to edit it yourself. You won't have to spend hours and hours trying to find and learn the right software, tools, and filters. It saves you time and effort that you can put towards other things in your business.

What are the benefits of hiring a freelance photo editor?

There are many benefits of hiring a freelance photo editor and Freelancer.com is the right place to find high-quality photo editors. These professional photo editors will help you achieve your goals, while also saving you time and money. Their expertise in a wide array of tools like Photoshop, Lightroom and other advanced programs guarantees quality results and fast turnaround times at reasonable rates.

How much does a freelance photo editor cost?

On Freelancer.com, the cost to hire a photo editor ranges from $2-$100/hr. Of course, the total project cost will depend on a variety of factors, such as the number of images, degree of complexity, the level of editing, and the freelancer's skill and experience.

Do I own the rights to work completed by a freelance photo editor?

If you provide the photos to be edited, the rights to the photos remain yours. You own the rights to the editing work done on the photo by the freelancer as well, through a "Copyright Transfer" that occurs when you accept the work done. Additionally, you can get the freelancers to sign an NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) before agreeing to work with them. The NDA ensures that the freelancer will not discuss or share the job details with third parties.

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