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    Freelancer in Ughelli, Nigeria
    4 Reviews

    Solution Engineering is an organization of quality and solution oriented engineering professionals across various engineering disciplines. Our highly skilled and well motivated workforce has between 2 to 24 years working experience across various fields of engineering which include: Mechanical...

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  • nadimvicky's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in NAGPUR., India
    11 Reviews

    I am working as a Static equipment Design Engineer. I have experience in Design,Drawing and Fabrication of pressure vessel, heat exchanger , column etc. I have knowledge of international specifications and codes i.e. ASME codes (SEC VIII, SEC II, SEC V, SEC IX), TEMA, API, EN13480, EN-13445, RTOD, NACE standards,...

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  • sodiqa32's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in AGBADO, Nigeria
    5 Reviews

    We offer best service in business and engineering as a result of our diverse qualification and professionalism. We are two partners. One has completed his Diploma of Human Resource Management , Bachelors in Business Administration and management studies & Masters in International Business from one of the reputable...

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  • mohamedhelmy02's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Cairo, Egypt
    40 Reviews

    English - Arabic translator, Arabic native speaker with very good English Command based on both work experience and study. Writer, used to be a blogger, general topics including sports, politics, economics, and of course energy. Seven years experience petroleum engineer. Typist and transcriber.

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  • DrSohaib7's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Lahore, Pakistan
    3 Reviews

    A highly efficient and talented PhD Scholar having ~5 years of experience of working as Technical Consultant, Writer, Researcher, and Academic Adviser ranging from BS to PhD. I have sound Expertise in the following Areas/Clusters, [1] CHEMICAL & PETROLEUM: Industrial Processes, Catalysis, Fischer-Tropsch, CCS, EOR...

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  • GrindalEngr's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Houston, United States
    1 Reviews

    With over 25 years of manufacturing engineering and design experience, Grindal Engineering provides a suite of solutions to all types of design problems. From modular design to manufacturability studies, heavy forgings to injection-molded plastic, we have the background and know-how to get your results.

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Finding Petroleum Engineers on Freelancer

Petroleum Engineering refers to the process of designing and putting into place effective processes and techniques to obtain petroleum products from the earth or the sea. Petroleum engineers are highly skilled and work alongside some other land experts including geologists to manage the extraction.

It is impossible to see what is happening so far underground so a large amount of a petroleum engineer's work is spent researching dig sites and estimating the best methods and equipment to use and indeed whether the cost to extract at all will be of benefit to their company.

Some of the tasks a petroleum engineer will be required to carry out are as follows:

  • Establish the best drilling apparatus and technique dependent on the type of land the petroleum may be present under,
  • Design tools and equipment used in petroleum extraction,
  • Manage a working site which is dedicated to the production of petroleum,
  • Supervise a team of engineers who are all working to the common goal of extracting petroleum from the earth

A Petroleum Engineer will continually work to the benefit of the employer in mind to ensure they are working to best practices and the most cost-effective methods.

If your company requires the industry specific skills of a petroleum engineer, you can choose from a community of hundreds of experts at Freelancer.com, who will provide you with the most relevant and up to date skills and experience required to complete your project. Petroleum engineers are highly sought after due to the specific nature of their skills so to employ a full time and permanent petroleum engineer will cost your company at the top end of the salary scale in any profession.

To hire a freelance petroleum engineer, however, will reduce those costs dramatically. You will only pay for the project that you need them to complete rather than paying a full-time annual salary which may not be cost-effective depending on the outcome of their research and findings.

Petroleum Engineers whose profiles can be found on Freelancer.com have often worked with some of the biggest and best companies in the world so they have incomparable industry knowledge which they can bring to your company for you to take advantage of the benefit of this experience. This experience is all listed in their Freelancer.com profile so you can hand-pick the best person for your project.

When using Freelancer.com to hire a petroleum engineer, there is no need for you to make a long-term commitment past the project ending. If the petroleum engineer has not provided you with any results as the contract comes to an end, then you are under no obligation to continue to pay them, if however, they are achieving goals which will benefit your company and if both parties are agreeable the contract can be extended.

Hiring a petroleum engineer through Freelancer.com will allow you to draw on the skills and expertise of some of the most reputable engineers in the industry without having to pay the considerable annual salary that having this type of expertise in your company would normally cost. Visit Freelancer.com today to start searching for petroleum engineers to complete your project.