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    Freelancer in Kiev, Ukraine
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    Hi, I am Senior C# .NET Framework Developer currently employed in one of the biggest software development companies in Ukraine. I have solid knowledge of C# programming language and in .NET Framework technologies and OOP with 10+ years of software developer experience. Often I have spare time that I would like t ...

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    Freelancer in Pune, India
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    I have 5-year experiences in iOS development. Having fast solving-problem skills so every new problem. I have extensive expertise in custom mobile application development with image processing. Make client happy is my purpose. Choose me and you will satisfy.

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    Freelancer in Kanpur, India
    9 Reviews

    I am hard working and talented researcher in Computer Vision. I am extremely enthusiastic about robotics. @ENGINEERING I have proven skills in MATLAB, python and C++. I am a graduate in electrical engineering from IIT Kanpur. I have strong interest and knowledge in Computer science with specialization in AI, comp ...

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    Freelancer in Kirovohrad, Ukraine
    1 Reviews

    Why would you consider choosing me instead of many other bidders for your project? There are several reasons: * I\'m highly motivated when working on every single project, because freelancing is not my hobby or part-time job. Freelancing is what I do professionally from day to day, this is my main and only job. H ...

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    Freelancer in Kandy, Sri Lanka
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    Hello, Welcome to my Freelancer Profile! I am a freelance programmer/designer from Asia. I have excellent experience in web design technologies such as HTML,xHTML, CSS ,JQuery and I do lots and lots of back-end coding using PHP and MySQL. I have successfully developed a MVC based Intranet system as my first proj ...

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    Freelancer in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
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    Quality work in Time OCR is our major expertise!!! Our team has Great Experiences in Computer Vision Work. Our Team will always be with you and our services will always make you knockout with thrilling feeling and subtle emotion. @ Skills and Experiences @ - Image Processing, Video processing, Moving Object D ...

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Finding Pattern Matchers on Freelancer

Pattern matching is defined as the practice of checking a given sequence for the presence of a pattern. The matches that a system will search for are typically required to be an exact match. The patterns are generally comprised of two types of structures, referred to as either a plain sequence or as a tree-structure.

Pattern matching is often used in various algorithms and data structures. Developers will use pattern-matching while working within a Java based API in order to match certain expressions. The groups captured during pattern-matching inside of Java are grouped inside of parentheses, and then used to perform mass changes quickly.

There are several basic methods of output that a pattern-matching search will present and reason for each of them to be used while programming. These methods include:

  • Study methods, which review the input string and return a Boolean indicating whether or not a pattern has been found.

  • Replacement methods, which are useful for replacing text in an input string.

  • The start and end methods, which counts the number of times certain words appear in a string.

  • The index method, which provides useful index values that show precise matches that are found in the input string.

Another use for pattern-matching is to locate the source of a syntax error. Oftentimes programmers will work with thousands of lines of code. In the unfortunate event that one of the text strings ends up with a typo or other mistake, the pattern matching syntax exception will help the programmer quickly locate the source of the error. It does this by several methods using the description.

The various methods of pattern-matching enable a programmer to perform function overloading and extract fields from the structures of code and into local variables. The use of these types of pattern-matching was first seen in text editors. It was used to replace features of the QED editor and made it possible for the text editor to accept regular expressions. Oftentimes these pattern-matching methods will be used as aids in creating macros for visual basic applications. Visual basics applications allow for the automation of certain functions, and in order for a system to be able to recognize the function it must first recognize the pattern.

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