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    A network administrator maintains computer infrastructures with a particular focus on networking. While their responsibilities may vary based on the organization, network administrators may manage onsite servers, software networks and work on network integrity.

    As opposed to IT support who manage reactive situations focused on a particular technology area, network administrators manage network related issues within an organization. Whether the tasks we maintenance or new installations on the network, the administrator works to ensure the online. 

    Within an organization, network administrators may undertake the following tasks:

    • Ongoing network monitoring
    • Testing the network for weaknesses 
    • Network updates
    • Installing and implementing security programs and security updates
    • Setting up and managing email and internet filters 
    • Evaluating and managing the network to ensure optimum levels of productivity
    • Procurement of new hardware
    • Setting up and rolling out new software throughout the organization 
    • Maintaining optimum data management practices
    • Checking security breaches 
    • Server installations and applications
    • Network address set up
    • Set up routing protocols 
    • Maintain VPN gateways and file servers

    Network administrators have a great depth of knowledge in IT and computer networks and will often have training or certifications in Juniper, Cisco, Microsoft, CWNA, BVNE or equivalent.  

    Any organization that uses multiple computers or software platforms needs a network administrator to coordinate the systems and ensure the hardware and network infrastructure is maintained at optimum levels.

    If you’re looking for a network administration expert to manage the day-to-day operations of your company’s IT network engaging a freelancer network administrator is a simple and effective way to support your organization’s computer systems.

    Network administrators can manage local area networks, wide area networks, intranets and a range of communication systems to ensure the network is running at the correct level to ensure company-wide productivity and security.

    Whether you need a network administrator to install new systems or take care of maintenance work, there is a range of network administrators on that can access your organization’s systems remotely and assist with a wide range of tasks.

    Network administrators on have a range of experience and to ensure you find the right candidate for your project be sure to look for a freelancer with the qualifications to suit your needs.

    Freelance network administrators should have a Bachelor's degree in IT or computer science and certificates in network administration.

    To find a freelancer for your next network administration project log onto today and view the extensive range of IT professionals ready to work from across the globe.