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  • tarunwadhwa85's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Ulhasnagar, India
    9 Reviews

    1. Interested in IoT projects, artificial intelligence, machine learning, natural language processing, reinforcement learning etc. 2. Have done a lot of projects on MQTT. 3. Have made many messenger bots.

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  • hungtv55's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Hà Nội, Vietnam
    10 Reviews

    I'm a software engineer who has strong experience on web and mobile development. 1) Web API development: - RESTful web service using NodeJS, ExpressJS. 2) Web front-end development - I'm familiar with HTML5, Javascript, CSS3. I also grasp knowledge about responsive design. Beside this, I always update knowledge about...

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  • polto's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in port said, Egypt
    13 Reviews

    Programming : c c++ Qt4 Qt5 sql Technologies (Libraries): AUDIO ( portaudio lib ) IMAGE PROCESSING ( opencv lib) MQTT ( mosquitto lib) VOIP/SIP ( pjsip lib) Systems : Linux MAC OSX Embedded...

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  • Nakamuratakao's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Shenyang, China
    9 Reviews

    Thank you for your interest in my profile. I am a guru in developing mobile and web. I have many experience in this field. Especially, I am interesting in developing Mobile App and API for it. I use often node and java for mobile API development. I'll do my best for my clients. As you will see soon, my first...

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  • ddonari's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in capital federal, Argentina
    28 Reviews

    Hello, my name is David. With a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Ph.D. degree in Real Time Systems, and hands-on experience using languages to create and implement software applications. I would like to highlight that would enable me to contribute to your bottom line are: Highly skilled in designing, and...

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  • Gioteen's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Budapest, Hungary
    9 Reviews

    I am a professional algo-trader and mt4 tool developer, I wrote more than 1000 EAs, indicators and scripts for mt4. I also won several Forex contests. I am not only a programmer but also an experienced and successful algo-trader, so I can also improve your trading systems!

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Finding MQTT Developers on Freelancer

With the fast paced development of technology, there are always new innovations on making the quality of life through technology better almost every day. Imagine devices interconnected to each other, transmitting necessary data and readily present information even before the need arises.

MQTT is a machine-to-machine connectivity protocol that enables messaging transportation or transmitting data from one device to another possible even in areas where the development of technology is limited or isn’t as prolific. Designed especially for locations where network bandwidth is limited, MQTT still makes seamless communication possible. Based on a “light weight” messaging protocol, only a small code footprint or minimal amount of network bandwidth is required in order to transmit the data.

Implementing an MQTT puts your company one step ahead of competition,  as it allows your product to be useable in remote locations - areas where wireless networks are idle and in places where there are bandwidth constraints. Don’t let unreliable internet connections hinder customers from being able to maximize the features of your company’s product.

Make your business more accessible and competitive by implementing MQTT to your product. Taking your company to the next level by adapting to the newest technological advancements doesn’t have to be a huge burden. Just simply hire an MQTT developer from Freelancer.com.

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Hiring an MQTT developer from Freelancer.com does not only assure you that you will be getting a person with the appropriate skills and experience, but will also provide the services that you need. You will also have the option to rehire the freelancer for future products, or simply hire them for a specific one-time deal.

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