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    Freelancer in Giza, Egypt
    12 Reviews

    6 years experience in Mobile programming Computer engineering since 2009 specialized in C,C++, C# languages. Web development (Silverlight, HTML5, Javascript ) Desktop applications (WPF) Mobile applications (Android, Windows Mobile, Windows Phone) SQL database Oracle

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    Freelancer in Kiev, Ukraine
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    Hi, I am Senior C# .NET Framework Developer currently employed in one of the biggest software development companies in Ukraine. I have solid knowledge of C# programming language and in .NET Framework technologies and OOP with 10+ years of software developer experience. Often I have spare time that I would like t ...

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    Freelancer in Gujranwala, Pakistan
    19 Reviews

    Design UML Diagrams * I have been working as .NET Developer. * Developed and Deployed many Windows Billing and Management Software's. * Complete Grip on C# Desktop Software's. * Can Designs UML Diagrams like Class Diagram, ERD, Domain Model and Sequence Diagrams on Star UML and MS VISIO. I ...

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    Freelancer in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
    35 Reviews

    My name is Neno and I am full-time employed MS Access and SQL server/ application developer in Agency for statistics of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Beside all of the freelancing working experience, I have 4 years of contracted working experience and Masters degree in computer science. I lived in USA (Fort Worth,TX) fo ...

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    Freelancer in Kyiv, Ukraine
    10 Reviews

    I'm a software developer with long term experience in developing diverse applications ranged from invoice management to equities markets analysis and scheduling systems for commercial airlines. I've got an university degree in IT. C#, Javascript, VB, VBA, SQL, PHP, Delphi/Pascal, C, C++ are among languages I've bee ...

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    Freelancer in Chernigiv, Ukraine
    15 Reviews

    Lecturer on the DataBase; Data Mining; Parallel Computing; Designing Compilers; GIS technology; Network Information Technology.

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Finding Microsoft SQL Server Professionals on Freelancer

SQL server is a database management system, to store and retrieve data as requested by several other software applications running in the same computer or a different one across a network. It was developed by Microsoft and markets several different editions for specific audiences and workloads ranging from single machine applications to large ones with multiple concurrent users.


SQL server Database serves for data storage, which is a collection of tables with typed columns supporting different data types. It allows the user-defined composite data types to be used and contains stored procedures, views, constraints, etc. along with a transaction log. Because of this, server’s statistics are made available as Dynamic Management Views.

The mode of data retrieval is by “querying”, which is expressed using a SQL variant, the T-SQL. SQL server has a cost based query optimiser to optimise the cost based on the resources it utilises to execute the query.

Advantages of SQL server

  1. It is the most secure of any of the major database platforms

  2. Very stable, fast Management studio for SQL server is very graphical in contrast to others which are managed basically through scripts.

  3. SQL server Management studio helps manage, backup, restore and move the database files

  4. Affordable costs

  5. Maintenance and backup plans can be easily configured without custom scripts.

  6. SQL server environment though beneficial and efficient needs skill and expertise for management.

What are the qualifications to seek for from a SQL server expert?

Basic Bachelors Degree or diploma in information technology or computer science or Masters in Computer Applications is a must. On top, there is requirement of Microsoft certification in database administration, management and development.

Where will you search to hire a qualified and skilled Microsoft SQL expert?

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