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    Freelancer in Lucknow, India
    51 Reviews

    I am an all round coder and developer with experience in different kinds of programming languages. I am a Web Scraping and Automation Tools expert. No matter what your requirements are, I am ready to take up the challenge and deliver. I can : 1. Create automation scripts in Python 2. Scrape large data from dynamic...

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  • mohamedadel4's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Cairo, Egypt
    16 Reviews

    Through out the last 3 years, I have been in Software Engineer field learning with enthusiasm and working professionally. I enjoy developing more in python, Django and building web crawlers for data mining. I am also fascinated by Data Visualization and data science. It was fascinating work that I thoroughly...

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  • walveslibrio's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Ji-paraná, Brazil
    11 Reviews

    experience in unity3d editor using c#, gui,serialization with interests in game development studied physics about 3 years

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  • EjsMAX's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in KOCHANI, Macedonia
    3 Reviews

    Skills, interests and qualities ▪ an interest in buildings and their uses. ▪ practical and scientific skills. ▪ a methodical, logical and analytical approach. ▪ design and CAD skills. ▪ strong mathematical ability. ▪ good business awareness. ▪ strong communication and negotiating skills. ▪ the ability to manage and...

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  • artnimator's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in bicol, Philippines
    42 Reviews

    #illustration #concept art #speed 3d sculpture #speed paint #animation #javascript quality and speed is a guarantee. NOTES: pls be inform that ARTnimator! is NOT associated and have been NOT associated to any group or any individual outside freelancer, :{ regards,:) arthur Lone Nomad Artist_artnimator...

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  • MladenMaslic's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Belgrade, Serbia
    49 Reviews

    I am a professional in extracting data from a web page. I work with some useful tools which is why I can get data from web page fast and accurately. I was a database administrator with 2 years work experience before I became a full time freelancer. I am a professional data supplier now. My skills and services include:...

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Finding Makerbot Experts on Freelancer

Many new forms of technology have taken the tech industry by storm in the decade of the 2010s so far. Among self-driving cars, virtual reality and others, the one that has stood out the most is 3D printing. With limitless possibilities, 3D printing has established itself as its own industry with massive potential to become the future of manufacturing, in line to replace traditional manufacturing as the technology becomes more and more refined and applicable to large scale industrial scenarios.

One of the forerunners in supplying and applying 3D printing technology is Makerbot. The New York based company was founded in 2009, at the beginning of the 3D printing generation emerging and specializes in selling 3D printers. With the growth of the 3D printing industry, you might find yourself interested in branching into the industry as well – or perhaps you’ve already branched into the industry and are looking to expand your product line or update your equipment.

Getting started with Freelancer.com is simple and quick. Hop on the website and create an account. Provide all relevant details and identify exactly what you need a Makerbot expert for and create a job posting. Depending on the type and difficulty of job you posted you could have top freelancers from the local industry sending you their applications to be part of your project within minutes of you posting the job online. After receiving applications you can check out their profiles and professional portfolio and then give your job to whomever made you the best offer.

If it’s Makerbot products you’re looking into, Freelancer.com is your best bet to find an expert in using their products. Your freelancers can help you with:

  • Choosing the right Makerbot printer. Makerbot has been around for over 7 years and has several products on the market.
  • Setting up your equipment. 3D printers are delicate products that require careful handling and need to be set up appropriately from both software and hardware points of view.
  • Create 3D templates to be used for printing

Hiring a Makerbot experts can also help with the training and development of your employees whose work involves the use of the Makerbot products. Your freelancer could:

  • Host workshops on 3D printing
  • Showcase how to properly use Makerbot 3D printers
  • Instruct employees on which software to use
  • Teach beginner, intermediate and advanced courses on 3D object rendering

3D product is a quite niche industry and is not one easily learned or broken into. Freelancer.com provides access to experts with experience in 3D printing and all the aspects that come with it. This includes both the hardware and software side of things. With freelancer.com’s flexible pricing, you’ll be in charge of what your freelance Makerbot expert will do for you. As the client, you’re in charge of the budget your Makerbot expert can use to acquire your 3D printers or expand your equipment. You and your hired freelancer can determine the best way to print your product or. With hourly or project-based pricing you’re sure to get your money’s worth.

On Freelancer.com, it’s so easy to find the perfect Makerbot expert that can perfectly suit the needs of your clients. So log in and jump start that amazing project today!