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    Lotus notes and lotus domino include a groupware and email system originally released by the Lotus Software or Lotus Development Corporation which was later acquired by the software giant IBM in 1995. The IBM lotus notes constitute an enterprise email which will help you to work smarter and improve and streamline the business processes by providing collaborative functions to access databases. With lotus notes and Domino 8, an exciting step towards enhancing efficiency and creativity has been taken, while adding value to the current application.


    IBM notes/Lotus notes is essentially a desktop application that facilitates the workflow in corporate environments. Lotus notes were originally developed by lotus development Corporation in the year 1989.

    Basically this application facilitates email function, but also entails accessing of databases like custom applications and document libraries. It therefore provides various collaborative functions like contact management, team rooms, reminder to-do lists, discussion forums, microblogging, instant messaging, and user directories.

    IBM Lotus notes and Domino also use a code-signature framework to control the runtime, security and the rights on the custom code developed and introduced into the environment. It was the first software to use cryptography in client to server and server to server authentication where the information has to be encrypted.

    The key components include:

    • Collaboration express

    • Utility Express and server

    • Enterprise server

    • Messaging Express and server

    • Designer client

    • Administrator client

    • Access for Microsoft outlook

    • Lotus notes traveller

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