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    Freelancer in Mumbai, India
    14 Reviews

    I am AutoCAD Drafter and Programmer with 7 years of experience on designing and developing applications for AutoCAD using Autodesk API's. Expert in AutoLISP & Visual LISP Programming and custom application development for AutoCAD. I have been working on different domain of drawings like Electrical Design/Drafting ...

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  • bencubeben's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Trichy, India
    68 Reviews

    I am a competitive programmer with skills in C++, Java, Python and various other languages. My expertise lies in Algorithms and Data Structures which I have mastered from basic (eg - DFS, BFS, etc) to advanced levels (eg - HLD, network flows, etc). I always give my best once I am committed to the work and so I ...

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  • QuanNguyenVan's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in HoChiMinh City, Vietnam
    27 Reviews

    AutoCAD Specialist for over 20 years drafting/design experience in Civil Engineering. More than 10 years experience on develop application for AutoCAD using Autodesk API's. Expert in programming and custom application development for AutoCAD. Using ObjectARX, AutoCAD.NET, VBA, AutoLISP/VisualLISP to: - creating ...

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  • Domus123's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Uberlândia, Brazil
    3 Reviews

    HI , my name is Lucas Guerra . I'm a computer Engineering student at Federal University of Uberlândia - Brazil I'm currently working at Laboratory of Natural and artificial intelligente . Languages i'm experienced with: - Common Lisp - Scheme - Drracket - Ocaml - Haskell - Python 2 and 3 - C - C++ - C# Gi ...

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  • ahmsak's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Istanbul, Turkey
    152 Reviews

    My rating is 5/5, which means that if I agree to a project, I will do my best to finish it perfectly and on time. Your Satisfaction is my top priority. My area of knowledge and interest includes: -Algorithms *Algorithm Design *Complexity Analysis *Recursion and Recurrence Solving -Functional and Logic Programmin ...

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  • sayanthanpera's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Jaffna Town, Sri Lanka
    25 Reviews

    hi Prakki92. i can not contact you. please contact me using create new project for me or using skype -sayanthanpera.saya or email -

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Finding Lisp Programmers on Freelancer

If you’ve even heard of Lisp, you probably think of it in the same terms as COBOL. You wouldn’t be entirely wrong, as Lisp is nearly as old. First developed in 1958, Lisp is only a year younger than its contemporary that has since gone by the wayside. Unlike COBOL however, Lisp has several uses today that have extended the language’s longevity.

Lisp is used extensively in CAD environments (AutoCad, CoCreate, ect.), music software (Common Music, OpenMusic, PWGL) and even artificial intelligence! As with most programming languages, there are several variants of Lisp that have been developed to meet various needs. Clojure, one of the most popular versions of Lisp, is designed to be used within a Java virtual machine. A close-knit development community works together to maintain the project.

If you have found this page, there’s a good chance that you already have an idea for a software product in mind. Are you looking for a LISP expert to bring your vision to life? Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place!

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