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    Freelancer in İstanbul, Turkey
    8 Reviews

    I am a phd student in Electrical Engineering Department. throughout my undergraduate and graduate education, I have experienced various project related to almost all branches of Electrical Engineering and also some other deparments like Civil and Industrial Engineering. My favourite language skilss are Matlab, C/C++,...

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  • alifarrukh786's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Sargodha, Pakistan
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    I am expert in statistics and operations management related assignments, homework, dissertations, SPSS, AMOS, LISREL and related subjects. I am proficient in different statistical packages including SPSS, Minitab, R Studio and Stata. Network theory related works using Netminer, UCINET or Gephi are also under my...

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  • mayankbafna's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Delhi, India
    7 Reviews

    I offer you Industry specific CAD Designs. I can help you with proofreading of International/scientific research papers. I can help you with content writing and product description writings. Skills I am good at are Solidworks, Copyscape proof writings, creative writing, AUTOCAD, Mechanical Design, Product writings,...

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    Freelancer in Bajitpur, Bangladesh
    7 Reviews

    I am expert in job recruitment tests and have obtained excellent marks in verbal, numerical, logical reasoning and SJT. I have wide experience in appearing such tests and have done more than 1000 tests in different areas of wide range of companies including SHL/CEB, Kenexa, Talent Q, Cubiks etc. I can score straight...

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    Freelancer in Ibadan, Nigeria
    1 Reviews

    Graphics Designer, Motion Graphics, Industrial Engineer, Guitarist, Music Producer, Elite Gamer, Thinker.

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    Freelancer in Irpin, Ukraine
    2316 Reviews

    Professional software developer with over 15 years of overall experience in software development and maintenance looking for challenge projects fit my skills. I will not work with school/college/university assignments/projects/coursework/labs and other types of prohibited projects.

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Finding Linear Programming Engineers on Freelancer

If you own a restaurant, and you want a mathematical method to calculate the best recipes to create for the week, Linear programming is for you. Taking into account current stock levels and popularity of dishes on a certain day the week, a linear programmer will be able to provide you with guidance on the best dishes to cook and when. This is just one of the many areas where linear programming skills are utilized; it is a process often used in business where the quantity you want to maximize (for example, profit) and the variable constraint conditions (for example, stock) are linear, and the problem is solved using Linear Programming.

Linear programming is a key technique adopted by many companies across the globe; it is commonly used to provide solutions to many areas of business including the following:

  • Distribution
  • Product planning
  • Vehicle routing
  • Rotas and schedules
  • Finances
  • Organizational restructuring.

A qualified and experienced Linear Programmer can bring a wealth of benefits to your company. On a particular level it can positively impact an organization in the following areas:

  • It gives the ability to analyze various social and economic difficulties so you can adjust your product and marketing accordingly.
  • It can simplify and streamline operations within an organization.
  • It can improve the quality of organizational decisions.
  • It provides a method of amalgamating a variety of results from different sources.
  • It is flexible offering a variety of solutions to organizational difficulties.
  • It enables organizations to find the best resolution to their financial situation.

If you’re looking to review your current business strategy and would like mathematical, analytical information based on your previous performance, a Linear professional hired through Freeelancer.com will carry out methodical research to provide you with quality results.

Hiring through Freelancer.com will give you maximum benefit for minimum outlay. A Linear Programmer whose profile is listed in a community of hundreds is only paid based on their output. If it takes five hours for them to complete your project, that is the only charge you will incur. If you have a three-month requirement for a Linear Programmer, you can agree on a wage based on that. Freelancer.com is completely flexible and will match you with the expert that is best able to complete your project in a professional and quality manner.  

A freelance Linear Programmer is often able to carry out their Linear tasks remotely, so you don’t have to worry about incorporating them into an existing team. You will be under no obligation to continue employment once your project is finished and Freelancer.com enables a Linear expert to complete your task with minimum disruption to your operations.

To become proactive in the performance of your business based on analysis of previous trends, engage with a Linear Programmer today. Freelancer.com is free to post a project, simple and provides results.