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    Freelancer in Norwalk, United States
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    I don't typically find myself with free time, yet when I am free I am more than likely writing. Ever since I was a child I was told I'd make a fine author; every day I dream about it a little more. In the meantime I am taking baby steps, and now, getting paid to do what I love.

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    Freelancer in Vidor, United States
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    Needing to hire but just don't have the time to conduct interviews? I specialize in conducting employment interviews for businesses and mock interviews for people who would like to practice and improve performance prior to walking into a job interview. Let me put my years of management experience to work for you.

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    Freelancer in Boyle, Ireland
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    Hi, welcome to SeldonScriptServices. We are a family, and freelancers. Our area of work is translations (general and medical), German to English or English to German , article or blog writing, research projects and much more. Between us we have a Bachelor in Nursing ,Psychology and English Literature and a Master's in...

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    Freelancer in Kiribathgoda, Sri Lanka
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    I AM READY TO BE HIRED! I will do amazing Flyers, Posters, Brochures, Company Profiles, Leaflets, Postcards, Logos, Business cards, Invitations, Label & Packaging designs, Stationery designs, Banners, Billboards, Social Media designs, Advertisements & Tag designs for your company with reasonable...

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    Freelancer in Alcobendas, Spain
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    Twenty five years of marketing and translation experience both in the USA and in Spain. Completely bilingual in both Spanish and English. Efficient and serious.

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    Freelancer in Hancesti, Moldova, Republic of
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    Europe-based designer who strives to marry the love of print and graphic design by finding a harmonious balance between functionality and aesthetics. New experiences and challenges are my thing. If you have any new projects and opportunities, get in touch!

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Finding Life Coachs on Freelancer

Hiring a Life Coach Expert

In this age of mad rat race and stiff neck competition, in order to hold out with a strong backbone, you need focus in your life. Life coaching is a lifesaving practice for those in need of greater guidance to face the challenges thrown towards them by the high demands of employers, relatives, family, friends and society.

Life coaching is significantly helpful in your life in the following scenarios:

  1. When you want to advance your career path or pursue a new one

  2. Sustaining and developing relationships

  3. Improving ability to interact socially and professionally

  4. Improving self-confidence by working on physical fitness and losing weight

  5. To learn self-discipline especially in financial matters and also in alcohol or any other substance addiction.

A life coach takes the role of a guide as well as an ally and practises counselling to motivate his/her clients in their pursuit to achieve their objectives. Life coaches practice all this in the firm belief that he/she can make a change in the clients’ lives. Apart from the innate desire to assist the needy, basic qualities that are pre requisite for a life coach are exceptional listening and communication skills. A basic knowledge in psychology is helpful. A background in counselling, teaching, business consulting human resource management and health are desirable.

The training programme involves the following

  • Communication techniques designed for better client-coach relationship and developing leadership qualities  

  • Special training in the area of coaching.

The life coaches can specialise in the fields listed below:

  1. There are several aspects of human behaviour that get addressed in life coaching such as positive behaviour support and applied behaviour analysis.

  2. Life coaches receive training for “coaching” by which they learn to improve their coaching techniques. This may also be referred to as co-active coaching.

  3. Homework coaches can also be hired to improve the academic performance of your children. This isn’t actually tutoring for subjects, rather it aims to rectify the issues pertaining to organisation and learning skills and also motivation.

  4. The NLP (The Neuro-linguistic programming) coaching is somewhat controversial in the logic behind its techniques and application. This is believed to help people overcome addictions of alcohol smoking or gambling and even weight related issues.

  5. Lifestyle gurus aim to use techniques that are loosely based on metaphysics. These are the coaches you should approach if you have aspirations and goals that you would like to pursue.

  6. Stress management coaches are taught to adapt and deal with stressful situations, without it harming their physical and mental balance. It may be useful to hire a stress management coach if you are experiencing stress in your life.

  7. Last but not the least are dating coaches. The coaches pass on their tips and tricks to have successful and satisfying personal relationships in your life.

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