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    ************* Welcome To Fantasy World ************** We have wealthy experience in developing mobile app,website design and unity 3d. Experience with: -HTC VIVE GAME Development -Google Cardboard , Oculus , Sumsung Gear VR App -Augmented Reality && Virtual Reality Game Development. -Desktop Game Development,...

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    I'm an expert now in Unity3D (5 years experience) with a lot of applications and games developed for mobile (Android, iOS, Windows Phone), web (facebook, chrome apps, web player) and desktop (Mac OS, Windows). I also have experience with VR for Android and iOS, GearVR, Oculus, Leap Motion, Kinect and AR. And about 5...

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    Hi! I can write programs in C/C++, Python, Java and JavaFx. Also I can help you at mathematics. ...............................................................................................................................................

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    Game Development and Design ===== Welcome Game world ==== Our skills are the following: - VR/AR Game development with Unity and Unreal. Oculus, HTC VR, GearVR, Google cardboard, vuforia. - Android, iphone app/game, Reskin - 3d Modeling, game design, Game graphics - Embedded programming with arduino,...

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    I am a professional developer of Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, Windows Phone, iPhone, iPad and Web applications. I am a qualified expert in several programming languages including but not limited to PHP, JAVA, C, C++, PYTHON and OBJECTIVE C; I have been developing applications for the last 16 years, most of which are...

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    Have you ever experienced the power that has the multimedia to increase the reach of your business and impact your target market? Chimera Digital is dedicated to that; our team consists of developers experts in different fields of the digital knowledge such as game development, graphic design and audio production,...

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Finding Leap Motion SDK Developers on Freelancer

Virtual reality (VR) is a make-believe environment built with the help of software, primarily achieved through two of our five senses including sight and sound. The purpose of creation of virtual reality can be for educational or interactive game. The language used is VRML (virtual reality modelling language), allowing the developer to specify the images and the rules required for their display and interaction with the user, using language texts.

What is Leap Motion?

With Leap motion, a truly absorbing virtual reality beginning with your hands unfolds for you. The technology in this hardware senses the natural movements of your hands and simulates it. This enables your interaction with virtual objects like you do in the real world. In reality, no actual contact with the hand is required to create this illusion via a VR headset.

Leap motion brings the power to your fingertips by creating entry into limitless new worlds, bending all the rules of reality. In addition to virtual reality, leap motion plugs into your computer very similar to a USB portable device, opening up boundless possibilities of the digital world right in front of you! Use it any way you need, fight aliens, simply use it with your keyboard and mouse or even design an interactive kiosk.

The hardware aspect of the device and the leap motion controller could not be simpler. It essentially consists of two cameras and three infrared LEDs. The interaction area is 2 feet above the controller, by 2 feet wide on each side by 2 feet deep. Then, the USB controller of the device renders this sensor data in to its local memory and executes the required adjustments in the resolution. Leap Motion Service is essentially the software on your computer that processes these images.

What is Leap Motion sdk (software development kit)?

With the software development kit, the developers can access the data and make use of it in other applications by virtue of the API (Application programming interface) of the Leap Motion. The leap Motion API returns the tracking data in the form of frames containing the list of tracked entities. It also has objects which denote recognised gestures describing hand motions.

Languages Used

  • C++

  • C# (unity)

  • JavaScript

  • Java

  • Python

Operating Systems

  1. Microsoft Windows

  2. Linux

  3. Mac

The Leap Motion SDK developer should be equipped to:

  • Designing intuitive interfaces in the applications

  • Developing exceptional menu designs, bearing in mind the activation, navigation and selection stages in the interaction.

  • An active sensor which thinks in shades of gray too instead of plain black and white.

Since user experience has the power to make or break your project it is imperative to hire a qualified, innovative and experienced developer.

What qualifications are expected of a Leap Motion sdk Developer?

A basic diploma or Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology or Computer Science is a must. Advanced knowledge with certifications in C#, C++, Python, JavaScript, Java is required. A rich programming background is appreciable. Adequate knowledge of the operating systems, Windows, Linux, etc. is expected. Knowledge of the leap Motion Controller hardware is essential.

How will you hire a qualified and talented leap motion sdk developer?

You are bound to find exceptionally talented and qualified developers with commendable experience at Freelancer.com. If you’re looking for a solution for your Leap Motion needs or if you are looking to trial a freelancer to see if they provide the levels of expertise you are looking for, using a platform such as Freelancer.com is a fantastic option.

Simply log onto the Freelancer.com website and search through a bank of talented freelancers who are willing and able to provide their services to you for your project.