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    A landscape gardener specialises in modifying the visible features of an area of land by adding flora and fauna, landforms such as terrain shape and abstract elements to create a garden that is visually appealing and functional within the environment.

    Landscaping varies considerably depending on different regions and climates, and local experts should be used who understand topography, soil qualities, winds, frost lines and native flora and fauna from the local area.

    Landscape gardeners can help with the design or a garden or landscape and can also manage the physical process of the project including technical elements and heavy machinery.

    Services a landscape gardener can provide include:

    • Landscaping services 
    • Consultation including design and horticulture 
    • Concept plan 
    • Applying for permits and development applications
    • Construction documentation

    During the process, landscape designers may liaise with a range of specialists to ensure the garden suits the property and the environment. Specialists the landscape gardener may liaise with include architect, civil engineer, surveyor and council or county planners who certify or approve the build.

    Qualified landscape gardeners will usually have an education in landscape design or may have studied at a university within a school of agriculture, landscape architecture or horticulture. Additional qualifications could also include studies in horticultural botany, natural resources, construction management, fine arts, and landscape history.

    The design process for landscape gardening experts may follow the steps below:

    • Initial discussions focused on landscape project scope and what is required including measurements, photographs and building plans if possible.
    • Documents preparation including the concept plan, landscape design, tree report and consultation report will be prepared and materials and costs will be developed.
    • Contractor selection is undertaken
    • Plants and materials are purchased and supplied and the design process begins

    Landscape gardening experts can create a 3D visualisation of their ideas to share with you virtually what can be done, allowing you to use this design and engage your contractors or engage the landscape gardener to oversee the process.

    If you are looking for landscape gardening design, there are a range of freelance experts available on Landscaping experts can work remotely on your project, or you can engage someone locally as needed.

    If you’re looking for the perfect look for your garden, view the extensive range of landscape gardening experts who are ready to work on your project today.