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    Freelancer in nairobi, Kenya
    112 Reviews

    Electrical Engineer by Profession but Self Taught Programmer. Can work with almost any language. I create cross platform mobile aplications, cross platform desktop applications, server scripts and web applications Fluent in English both written and spoken. I am located at +3 GMT and available on freelancer and all...

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  • marcosanderson's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Burnaby, Brazil
    9 Reviews

    I am a game programmer with strong skills in program languages such as C++, C#, Java and Python. With a background education in Math with emphasis in Science Computer, for the past 5 years, I have developed games and interactive applications using Unity 3D, Kinect, Arduino, Leap Motion and VR. I also developed tools...

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  • ProfessionalBoss's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Zivinice, Bosnia and Herzegovina
    25 Reviews

    GAMES/Software/Apps/2D,3D,AR,VR Developer & Designer. THANK YOU! PAST MONTHS: 100% Jobs Completed 100% On Budget 100% On Time

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  • skakim's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Yanjishi, China
    92 Reviews

    Dear Employeers!!! Thank you for you looking my profile. I am export mobile developer with 7 years experience. I can provide High Technology, High Speed, High Quality. I've almost version SDKs during develop the various applications. I'm happy to work on Mobile development. And I major in Unity 3d Game, AR,...

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  • mailmesalah's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Tirur, India
    60 Reviews

    I am freelance developer since 2008. I am not a mediator. I develop codes myself I only accept work which i am able to do. Programming is my skill with which i survive. When i am not working freelance, i ll be involved in my own research works. I have been developing in various languages. The following skills are on...

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  • NthaiMe's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
    4 Reviews

    Experienced Mobile Software Engineer with 8+ years of experience. Expertise areas: - iOS and Android application development. - Demonstrated interest in Swift and Objective-C, Java development - Deep experience in Xamarin Development - 360 video creation, VR advertising, VR + AR mechanism development -...

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Finding Kinect Experts on Freelancer

What is Kinect? Kinect is a series of motion sensing gaming devices created by Microsoft for Xbox 360, Xbox One and Windows PC. The Kinect products are very similar to a webcam, except their purpose far exceeds simply capturing the user’s image. Kinect offers users of these supported platforms the ability to effectively put themselves into the game. For instance, in one particular game users were able to use karate chop motions to slice falling fruit with their hands.

The Kinect was designed with the purpose of creating a more active gaming platform as opposed to traditional video games that were played without the need to be actively moving. Kinect also provides users with the ability to control system menus and other applications available on the platform.

Kinect was released in November of 2010 with the wide support of parents and physicians. Microsoft hoped this new sentiment surrounding the system would increase its user base. The Kinect did have a certain level of success in this regard and was subsequently released for PC in 2012.

Kinect continues to be a heavily utilized motion detection camera for specialized games create for Xbox One and PC. Creating a game for this system can be highly lucrative. The only question is where can one find a contractor with experience developing for the Kinect system?

That’s where Freelancer.com comes in. On Freelancer, you’ll find Kinect experts  for hire that can produce entertaining interactive games your organization’s needs. Not sure how to get started? Not a problem! Find a Kinect expert for hire quickly and easily using several of the tools available to employers on Freelancer.com.

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