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    Cisco-jabber is an all-in-one communication tool, which took the world by storm in 1999, when it was developed originally in the Jabber open source community. In contrast to the closed instant messaging services that was prevalent at that time, this provided an open decentralised type of service.

    Several Cisco-jabber apps are now made available for mobile devices like smart phones and tablets.

    Core Elements

    • Base streaming layer of XML

    • SASL to provide strong authentication

    • Information about network availability or presence is built-in

    • Use of UTF-code for Unicode support, fully internationalised addresses

    • Presence-enabled contact lists

    • 3 subscriptions for two-way authorisation

    Core Specifications

    RFC6120- XMPP core

    RFC6121- XMPP IM

    RFC6122- XMPP Address format


    #Clients- is the one that enables you to connect with an XMPP for instant messaging over the internet

    #Servers- provides basic messaging, presence and XML routing features

    #Code libraries- available for many programming languages like C#, net, Perl, Java, Ruby, C++, etc. This assists developers to build several XMPP-enabled applications.

    Major Advantages

    1. Open- easily understandable, open, free and public. Several implementations possible.

    2. Diverse- used by several companies to build applications. So the user gets access to all these.

    3. Decentralised- architecture is similar to email, one can run his/her own server, and control own communications.

    4. Stable and secure-  strong security by using TLS and SASL.

    5. Flexible- include content syndication, file sharing, gaming, cloud computing, collaboration tools, lightweight middleware and network management

    6. Extensible- it is possible to develop custom functionality covering the core protocols.

    Qualifications Needed for Jabber Specialist

    Cisco provides career certifications at several levels on the following areas:

    • Cloud

    • Collaboration

    • Data centre

    • Design

    • Industrial

    • Routing and Switching

    • Security

    • Service provider

    • Wireless

    The levels of certification are as listed

    1. Entry- these are basic networking skills.

    2. Associate- several certifications for network installation, operations and troubleshooting or for network design.

    3. Professional- certifications for several technologies based on the job title.

    4. Expert- accepted worldwide and the most prestigious certification in the network industry.

    5. Architect- highest level of accreditation for network designers.

    In addition, there are specialist certifications too based on Cisco Partner Specialisation program.

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