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  • ilbvdesign's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Kyiv, Ukraine
    33 Reviews

    I have over 11 years professional experience as motion designer for many adversting companies, tv channels and other clients. I use After Effects, Autodesk 3d Max, Mocha, SynthEyes, TVP Animation and other Adobe.

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  • W3WEBHELP's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Kolkata, India
    63 Reviews

    I am an expert tailor-made Infographics designer. I know how to create expressive and clean infographics, technical illustrations of business models, steps of a workflow, timelines and other graphic design to provide you with top notch artwork for your needs. I promise quick turnaround times, FREE unlimited revisions,...

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  • Graphixa's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Zagreb, Croatia
    49 Reviews

    I am a professional architect and interior designer with 12yrs of experience. Graphic design, branding, logos and CI's are skills that I have developed along the way while doing interiors for many brands and chains. My utmost goal is not only to win a contest or a bid... but to establish and maintain a long term...

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  • azzzulex's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Wroclaw, Poland
    33 Reviews

    11 years of rich experience in the publishing industry including 7 years on the senior position. Able to contribute to a wide variety of projects. #CoverDesign #Magazine #ePub #Logo #ADV

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  • PavelMors's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Moscow, Russian Federation
    47 Reviews

    Hi. It's about a couple years, since I've been working in web design and front-end development. The first aim in my work is to do fresh and user friendly design and combine it with modern technologies in front-end in the same time. My primary tools for these are HTML,CSS,JS,jQuery. I'm trying to improve myself...

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  • AZInfographics's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Rawalpindi, Pakistan
    26 Reviews

    Transforming complex and boring information into captivating, stunning and easy-to-understand Infographics and Visuals is my passion and expertise. My following HTML5 Infogrpahic for my client “DANIEL FAGGELLA”: http://techemergence.com/conscious-artificial-intelligence/ got featured on techcrunch too(in static...

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Finding Infographic Designers on Freelancer

With the competition between companies getting higher, companies are becoming more and more creative with the way they market their products and services. It’s all about presenting your company in an interesting way and trying to catch the eye of your potential customers.

Hiring infographic designers has now become a necessity. Hire someone to create engaging visuals that transform your company’s data and research into a design for exhibits, print, screen, and other mediums. Whether it be for your next marketing campaign or for your next company meeting, infographic designers turn your ideas and what you want to say into something creative, memorable, and impactful, whoever the audience is.

Don’t get left behind and hire an infographic designer from Freelancer today!

Freelancer offers infographic designers that are experienced in creating infographics such as maps, charts, diagrams, and in visualizing data. Infographic designers from our platform are also skilled in creating vector illustrations and icons. They have the ability to interpret data, complex information, and content and translate it into a design.

Infographic designers from Freelancer.com are also experts in Photoshop, Illustrator, and other design software applications. They are able to deliver detail-oriented work to different types of audiences.

Hire an infographic designer from Freelancer that can offer you the following services:

  • Conceptualize, design, develop, and execute design projects
  • Create flowcharts, wireframes, and templates
  • Manipulate or retouch photographs
  • Design screen interactives
  • Create and design drafts for marketing campaigns
  • Effectively communicate key ideas and messages through visually compelling imagery

Simply post your project with specific instructions for the project and wait as freelancers start bidding for your project within minutes.

With Freelancer.com’s 19 million registered users, you can find an infographic designer around your local area you can work closely with or if your project calls for a different location, it wouldn’t be a problem. You can choose from a diverse pool of talent around the world that fits your company’s needs.

With the easy to use platform, you can view freelancer profiles that catch your eye, chat with them to get to know them more and gauge their personalities. You can also contact them and ask for portfolios from their previous projects so that you can further see what kind of designer they are. From there, you can award your job to your chosen bidder.

Tracking your project’s progress will also be hassle-free as the platform offers a 24/7 support, a time-tracker to keep everything on schedule, and realtime chat for those last-minute requests or changes you wish to discuss. Communicating with your infographic designer for those last minute changes and quick detail fixes will not be a problem.

If you’re worried about the quality of work done, Freelancer.com offers the arrangement where you can release payments to your bidder only when you are 100% completely satisfied with the work they’ve submitted so rest assured; you will get your money’s worth.

Entrust your company’s image and services with an infographic designer from Freelancer.com and see how your company will grow!