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    A member of your target market is walking past your store, and an alert is sent to them through their mobile device – you have a half off sale today. In they walk, as they’re in the area, and their purchases are made. If you think this sounds too good to be true, then you’re not familiar with iBeacon software. iBeacon is technology which is specifically developed by Apple and used in conjunction with Bluetooth technology to provide information based on geographical and location data to Apple devices such as an iPhone or iPad.  

    iBeacon provides you with the ability to do the following:

    • Indoor navigation – you can guide customers through to your precise venue
    • Hyperlocal information – personalized advertisements and promotions can be sent to your customer when they’re in the vicinity of your store
    • M-commerce – Fast and easy transactions without intervention from third parties. 
    • Enhance engagement – you can send notifications to your target market when they’re in the locality.
    • Persuade sales – by offering on-the-spot deals based on a user’s location you can encourage retailing.

    Since its launch in 2013, many organizations have created iBeacon compatible receivers to transmit their information to Apple devices. Utilizing iBeacon technology is becoming an increasingly popular way for businesses to market their product and it is vital that you engage with an iBeacon professional to take advantage of this growing trend.

    If you are not familiar with the software, here are some ways using iBeacon will benefit your business:

    • You can directly provide shoppers with relevant information and influence their shopping
    • You can advise shoppers of promotional offers to entice them into a store.
    • You can gather feedback from the consumer on their preference to your product and service
    • Allows your advertising to be directed at your specific target market.

    Hiring an iBeacon professional through will give you access to the skills required to jump on board with this technology which is providing breakthroughs in the mobile industry at every turn.

    Freelance iBeacon specialist is paid per hour or by project, meaning you are not faced with ongoing recruitment costs as you would be with a permanent employee. You will also know up front the budget for the project and won’t be hit with any unexpected costs once the project is complete.

    You can find an iBeacon specialist from a community of thousands at You can choose someone who has the specific skills and experience required to bring your iBeacon task to completion in a prompt and professional manner. This project will be completed at minimal cost and minimal impact to you and your business. gives you access to some of the most experienced and capable iBeacon professionals across the globe. Take advantage of this talent which is ripe for the picking and sign up to today and post details of your project requirements.