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  • KatherinKer's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Bucharest, Romania
    7 Reviews

    Hi, I started video editing 3 years ago during this time I've worked on different projects that involved a lot of creativity work and dedication. I've edited all kinds of videos from personal montages, promotional videos, testimonial videos, videos for mobile applications and games, games cutscenes, fashion video ...

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  • Shekharmine's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Karimnagar, India
    113 Reviews

    I am a PDF Form Maker, Editor and Video Editor. Of course i am a Multi talented.

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  • ritiksingh99's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Lucknow, India
    1 Reviews

    Proficient video editor, have done works using Sony Vegas Pro 11, 13, Final Cut Pro X, iMovie, Windows movie maker, photo stage slide producer, and part time sound editor worked using Virtual DJ and wave pad sound editor. I also know Photoshop Well.

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  • edjanusauskis's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Kaunas, Lithuania
    111 Reviews

    We are a group of young & creative folks full of ideas and visions which we bring to LIFE every single day & night. We create awesome 2D explainer videos, whiteboard videos, video montages, logo intro videos which represent our happy clients all over the world.

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  • MesHQ's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Yerevan, Armenia
    76 Reviews

    "Its not just a Motion,its Emotion" I'm a 3D Generalist and VFX artist.I do Animating/Lighting/Shading/Rendering/Compositing. Also Virtual Reality in 3D(360) and compositing/editing of 360 live action footage.

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  • knomara's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Lambertville, United States
    1 Reviews

    I am a determined individual who will deliver the best possible results. I joined freelancer to raise money for a trip, and I will no stop working until my goal is met. I am driven and have experience in several areas, including, but not limited to art, writing, photo editing, video editing, baking, sewing, and a v ...

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Finding iMovie Experts on Freelancer

What is iMovie? iMovie is a video editing application developed my Macintosh for use on Mac OS and iOS. iMovie was first released in 1999 as part of a software bundle for OS 8. From 2003 onward, iMovie has been included for free on all Mac computers. Due to the popularity of Apple, a large number of users have become exposed to the software and used it extensively to create video content. Video sharing sites like YouTube have benefitted greatly from the popularity of this particular video editing software.

iMovie first appeared on the iMac DV, the first consumer-grade computer to feature FireWire. iMovie took advantage of this new technology by allowing video to be imported directly from the camera. Video editing quickly became accessible to the general public, setting up the era of user-generated content.  

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