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    Freelancer in Philadelphia, United States
    26 Reviews

    Seasoned writer with four-year English degree seeks to research, revise, improve and otherwise create content for journalists, novelists, bloggers and anyone in between. Areas of expertise include technical writing, proofreading, rhetorical literary analysis, resumes, fiction and nonfiction.

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    Freelancer in Harappa, Sahiwal,, Pakistan
    3 Reviews

    Senior year student of Bachelors degree in International Relations. I can work as article writer, academic writer, review writer, critique, ghostwriter and any project related to writing. If you hire me, you'll get: 1. 100% surety of project completion. 2. 100% surety of plagiarism free work. 3. Up to date knowledge...

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  • septipus77's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Cambridge, Canada
    6 Reviews

    Skilled and experienced in fields ranging from the arts to technology, I offer a rare perspective on any project with a keen sense of what works and what doesn't.

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  • cjcooper123's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Oxford, United Kingdom
    6 Reviews

    Historian and academic, just graduated with a first class BA(Hons) Ancient History degree from the renowned University of Manchester (ranked 5th in the UK, 35th in the world [2014]), and now completing a Masters' degree in Classics and Ancient History at the same institution. I specialize in ancient history and...

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    Freelancer in JAIPUR, India
    5 Reviews

    SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING: Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest Linkedin. SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION: google page 1 ranking Link building social bookmarking free facebook promotion WEB DEVELOPMENT: -Responsive Theme Setup , Logo Incorporation - 3D Home Page Banners , -Payment Gateway Integration -Strong imagery...

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    Freelancer in Nairobi, Kenya
    678 Reviews

    I am an experienced academic writer and have been writing for over 4 years. I am conversant, in virtually in every field as concerns content writing, online classes, business proposals, SEO, and proofreading. I believe I would be a good fit for this position and would like the chance to display my competence on your...

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Finding History Experts on Freelancer

History, as you likely know, is the study of past events. The study of history is incredibly important because as the saying goes, “Those who do not know their history are doomed to repeat it.” Many students are required to study history from early on in their education up through their university studies. The study of history often involves a significant amount of research for sources and the writing of lengthy academic papers.

If you are a student looking for assistance in either the research or writing phase, look no further than Freelancer.com. History experts for hire at Freelancer.com would be happy to assist with your history project of any size and on any topic.

When you hire a freelancer with experience conducting research for and writing history papers, you purchase the expertise of an individual that is not only talented in the creation of academic articles, but it also passionate about the subject matter. This passion is can be seen clearly in the writing of expert historical writers and is often the difference between a paper that is simply “good” and those that are truly exceptional.

So are you interested in hiring a freelancer for your history-related project? You’ve come to the right place! Freelancer.com is the web’s premier source for crowdsourcing and boasts some of the world’s most talented writers for hire. You’re sure to be blown away by the quality and quantity of the freelancers on our site.

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