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    Hindi is the most widely spoken language of northern India, with over 800 million speakers and one of the official languages of India. The language is spoken widely around Indo-European & throughout India, Pakistan, and other South Asian countries.

    While a Hindu is a person who practices the Hindu religion, or is born in a family that does not everyone who speaks Hindi practices the Hindu religion, another element that adds to the confusions is that not all Hindus speak Hindi.

    Hindi is the primary language in India and Nepal. However, there are large communities of native speakers throughout the world in regions including South Africa, USA, New Zealand, Fiji, Trinidad, Uganda, Yemen, Singapore, Mauritius, Malaysia, and Uganda.

    Often Hindi is used to describe the combined language of Hindustani, which also includes another language commonly referred to as Urdu. The main difference between customary Hindi and Urdu are their writing systems. If you are going to engage someone to assist with Hindi translation, Hindi words or an English to Hindi written text you are going to want to engage someone who understands the unique cultural difference in the written word.

    Hindi uses the Devanagari alphabet, which is a descendant of the earlier Brahmi alphabet that also gave rise to Khmer and Tibetan. After Indian independence, the Devanagari script was completely standardized, and accent marks were added to help write words from other languages in the Hindi script.

    With so many speakers of the language, there is a massive demand for translation services for Hindi speakers and Hindi language writers for texts, videos and general translation services for individuals throughout the world.

    While there are a range of online translation services, if you are looking for a quality translation service for your business needs you will want to engage the services of a professional and 100% correct translator who specializes in the Hindi and English language.

    Features of a quality Hindi translation service should include:

    • Quality translation service
    • 100% accuracy 
    • Translated by a native writer and speaker
    • Specialists for commercial, corporate, tax law or intellectual property 
    • Nondisclosure agreements if required
    • Privacy and confidentiality
    • Edits should be provided if required

    Documents that can be translated include:

    • Personal documents including contracts
    • Business documents
    • Contracts 
    • Multilingual desktop publishing for cross-country marketing and business services
    • Website translation 
    • Transcription 
    • Subtitling and audio recording

    Documents and files are translated in full and based on your exact needs. You can choose from a full translation (word for word), or you can arrange for an extract of the relevant information, which is uploaded into a dedicated template or format of your choosing.

    Freelance native speaking and professional translators can translate into Hindi and if required, you can even choose a specific dialect for the translation.

    If you’re looking to engage a professional, efficient and native speaking Hindi specialist view the extensive range of available & experience freelancers on Your translation can be done in a short period by a native speaker with a sound knowledge and understanding of the Hindi language.