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  • typo3magento's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Linz, Austria
    76 Reviews

    Hello, i am Christian,45 Years old german Systems Engineer with now over 27 years Years of Experience. Proficiency/Expertise: Windows Server from NT 4.0 to 2016, Active Directory,DNS,DHCP,DFS,File&Storage Server,Security,Group Policy,IIS,Print Server,RDS (Terminal Server) Cross Forest Migrations Exchange...

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  • dimitriosveletas's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Athens, Greece
    1 Reviews

    Help desk and local support (1st and 2nd level support) at global companies and doing also projects through ITIL.

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  • gkws's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Indore, India
    353 Reviews

    We are Website, Mobile application development & design media firm. We have been venturing into projects where we feel we can add innovations to. We have developed projects for our clients where we have maintained high standards and that is the reason we do not take up jobs where we feel we have to compromise on the...

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  • hijabnn91's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Islamabad, Pakistan
    1 Reviews

    Thanks in advance for give your valuable time to look at our Profile. We are a company having five years experience in the virtual world in fields ranging from simple data entry projects to complex research based tasks . Quality, Accuracy, Reliability and Response are main Objectives of our Progress. We are...

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  • srichris's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Dundas Valley, Australia
    1 Reviews

    Available to work on Data entry work with a variety of input data formats; Good knowledge of data extracts and updates using SQL of many flavours.

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  • Innig's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Sunrise, United States
    15 Reviews

    A housewife that has plenty of time to do typing or any administration and I will be happy to help your project done successfully.

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Finding Helpdesk Assistants on Freelancer

The support helpdesk is the principal point of contact between customers and the representatives of a company. Whenever customers face a problem, they can call up the helpdesk, seeking solutions. The job of the helpdesk is to provide the necessary solutions and in many cases it also defuses the negative emotions of customers, which might otherwise lead to a loss of reputation for the company.

The helpdesk thus, plays a major role to play in ensuring customer satisfaction, building up your product and also to delight them enough to buy your products and services again.

The people who are in charge of the helpdesk should be able to resolve queries, provide guidance and troubleshoot the problems that customers may face throughout the buyer's journey. Therefore, they need to possess exceptional technical as well as interpersonal skills. They should maintain their calm even when provoked and should ultimately seek to satisfy the customer and ensure that the company gathers no negative publicity because of bad customer service. An uncountable number of companies have suffered irreparable losses and have even wound up with a poor reputation due to bad customer service, hence selection of the right manpower should be taken very seriously.

Getting manpower for your helpdesk with the right technical and interpersonal skills often proves to be a very tough task.

Having trouble finding the suitable manpower for your helpdesk needs? Hire virtual manpower, instead of going for in-house ones. There are many experienced freelancers from across the globe who work from their homes and can fit in perfectly to your requirements and at an affordable cost.

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