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  • ahmsak's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Istanbul, Turkey
    154 Reviews

    My rating is 5/5, which means that if I agree to a project, I will do my best to finish it perfectly and on time. Your Satisfaction is my top priority. My area of knowledge and interest includes: -Algorithms *Algorithm Design *Complexity Analysis *Recursion and Recurrence Solving -Functional and Logic Programming...

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  • Kotolegokot's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Saint-Petersburg, Russian Federation
    8 Reviews

    I'm available for written translation and programming. Languages: English, Russian (native). I program in C++ (including Qt/C++; C++11 and C++14 standards), Haskell, and SML. I'm currently studying at university (IT) and would like to have some experience. I have plenty of free time and would just be happy to help...

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  • user318's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Prague, Czech Republic
    19 Reviews

    I have wide and deep experience at least in this areas: - Networking (from local networks up to transit providers) - Linux (administration, networking, services, containers, security and more) Try me!

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  • LambdaConcept's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Sherbrooke, Canada
    5 Reviews

    More than 7 years of professional experience, I am a passionate developer with a strong academic background. I like to challenge myself. Professional and dedicated, I am familiar with a large range of languages, especially in functional programming. I'm looking to small or medium contract to conciliate work and...

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  • vanilladevs's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Hornchurch, United Kingdom
    51 Reviews

    Scientific Developers: Algorithms and Analysis; Programming Languages: C/C++/C#, Java, Prolog, Haskell; Technologies: .NET, Android, NFC; Computer Graphics; Image Processing; Technical Writers: Journal Papers and Academic Content in general, LaTex.

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  • AraujoGuilherme's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Curitiba, Brazil
    7 Reviews

    Profissional com 5 anos de experiência em desenvolvimento de software. Profissional com 5 anos de experiência em desenvolvimento de software.

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Finding Haskell Developers on Freelancer

Haskell is a general-purpose, open source programming language that has been touted as the future of software development. This sophisticated programming language enables rapid development of concise, accurate and robust software.

According to many experts in the field, the current way that software is developed is inherently flawed, resulting in excessive maintenance issues, bug fixes and project failures. Haskell is the proven alternative. With a skilled, experienced developer, you can achieve a lot with Haskell.

More and more industries are recognizing the benefits using this functional programming language and the adoption of Haskell has been increasing tremendously. It is mainly utilized in data-intensive industries such as Oil and Gas, financial services, biotech and Big Pharma.

There are many advantages associated with hiring a haskell expert:

  • A Haskell expert most likely has years of experience developing web applications using Haskell for in-house users across all businesses, ensuring that you are working with a skilled professional.

  • The expert would have a solid understanding of computer science, software engineering and technology matters, so they know what they are doing.

  • Using a professional who knows what they are doing gives you the peace of mind in knowing that you will not experience any problems that will impact your business.

  • Getting help from an expert in this field frees up a lot of your time, which means you have more time to spend on marketing, procuring and other aspects of your business.

When you want to hire a Haskell professional your best option is to look for a freelancer who has the necessary skills, expertise and experience.

The best place to start your search for a freelance Haskell expert is on Freelancer.com. This is incredibly easy to do. Just start by registering and logging in to the site. Once you have your account set up, you can simply post a project looking for Haskell experts.

You also have the opportunity to interview the applicants as they place their bid to gauge whether or not they are suitable to the job you have in mind. You can also check each applicant’s profile page to see what previous clients have said about the quality of their work.

Before awarding the project to any candidate, make sure you discuss your requirements in detail so that the freelancer understands your requirements and your budget. The process is pretty streamlined so there is very little chance that something will go wrong.

Looking for a Haskell expert? Log in to your account at Freelancer.com and post your project today.