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    Freelancer in Truseni, Moldova, Republic of
    2546 Reviews

    I can build anything you need !!! I am an expert .NET Developer and have to my credit many years experience working for employers around the world. My experience includes working as a .NET Developer, Advertising Expert and Android Developer, iOS(iPhone, iPad), Browser Extensions, Web Scripts. I also have a good...

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  • markovicstefan's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Majur, Serbia
    58 Reviews

    I am software developer, currently 2 exams away from Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science. Fluent in English, available 24/7. Always interested in new trends in IT industry, keen on working on challenging projects using cutting edge solutions. I have experience with many different technologies: *Java...

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  • prakashgp's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Puttur, India
    45 Reviews

    Main skills: Browser Extension Development (Google Chrome, Mozilla, Safari, Opera) Windows and Web Automation Web Scrapping Web Development Window App Development WordPress Debug/Diagnose/Troubleshoot anything Other skills: C, C++, C#, AutoIt, Google Apps Scripts. Social Media Websites APIs (Facebook, Google,...

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  • vssranganadhp's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Hyderabad, India
    7 Reviews

    I'm Rango, I've 6 years of experience in developing browser extension for Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari. I created extensions for web scraping, automation, changing appearance, e-commerce utility, social network sharing extension, developer tools, chat using websockets and Node.js. I developed cross-platform...

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  • ivanestgrand's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Lyon, France
    7 Reviews

    I have a Master in Mathematics and in Informatique. I am a google Chrome expert. You can ask to see my realisations.

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  • pyromaniac's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Chennai, India
    13 Reviews

    Full stack developer with sound knowledge in HTML(5),CSS(3) and JavaScript. Comfortable in working with Object Oriented JavaScript. Work with JavaScript libraries/frameworks such as jQuery, ExtJS, Sencha Touch, KO, Backbone and AngularJS, HTML5 APIs such Canvas, LocalStorage, WebWorkers, Geolocation and responsive...

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Finding Google Chrome Developers on Freelancer

Google Chrome is a freeware web browser that was developed by Google in 2008. It is estimated that over 60% of online users are using Google Chrome as their browser, and it is also one of the most popular browsers for smartphones.

Chrome is available on Windows, OS X,  Linux, Android, and iOS. Developed by Mozilla Firefox developers, the browser was assembled from 25 different code libraries that inevitably make the browser one of the fastest search engines available for users.

Features of Google Chrome include:

  • Bookmarks and settings sync - Chrome allows users to set up bookmarks and add history across all devices when logged in via a Google account. This allows all devices to sync providing a handy option for individuals who use some devices.
  • Boosted security - Chrome continuously retrieves updates for blacklisted websites and warns users when they attempt to log onto sites if they have warnings for malware or phishing.
  • Plug-in support -  The browser supports NPAPI (Netscape Plugin Application Programming Interface), and plugins are kept up to date as part of Chrome’s updates.
  • Improved privacy - Users can use the web browser in ‘incognito’ mode which prevents the browser from storing history and cookies from websites visited. This provides utmost privacy for users and avoids any tracking or saving of information.
  • Speed and stability - Chrome uses a JavaScript virtual machine which enhances the speed of the browser allowing a quick and efficient experience for users.  
  • Shortcuts - Chrome allows users to set up plenty of desktop shortcuts in the browser. There is also a web store which allows users to sign up for web apps and extensions for the browser.
  • Web page translation - Multilingual users or users wishing to access pages written in other languages can add a translation bar using Google Translate to the web page.

If you’re looking to use Google Chrome in your workplace or for personal use and need a freelancer to help you set up the browser to suit your exact needs you can engage a freelancer to assist with your project.

Google Chrome experts can set up plug-ins, extensions, privacy settings and link with your Google accounts for a seamless and synchronized system that works for you and your business needs.

Freelancer Google Chrome programmers are available to on hourly and project rates to help you set up Google Chrome to suit your exact needs. They have a thorough understanding of the web browser and can ensure your browser is setup to suit your platform.

Chrome developers can create bespoke applications, extensions and themes for Chrome tailored to suit your needs.

If you’re looking for an efficient freelancer, visit Freelancer.com today and view the extensive range of freelancers available to work on your next Google Chrome project.