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    Freelancer in Popayan, Colombia
    9 Reviews

    Have you ever experienced the power that has the multimedia to increase the reach of your business and impact your target market? Chimera Digital is dedicated to that; our team consists of developers experts in different fields of the digital knowledge such as game development, graphic design and audio production, ...

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    Freelancer in Zivinice, Bosnia and Herzegovina
    1 Reviews

    Designer&Developer. AR/VR/GAMES VETERAN. Used Unity3D for more than 7 years! THANK YOU PEOPLE FOR GREAT REVIEWS / COMMENTS! PAST 3 MONTHS: 100% Jobs Completed 100% On Budget 100% On Time

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  • AnisK's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Dhaka, Bangladesh
    14 Reviews

    3D model ( 3ds max, Rhinoceros )(product,Interior, Exterior) -3d Animation ( Lumion, 3Dmax,After effects)(360,Walk-through) - 3D Rendering ( V-ray ) (Photo-realistic,HD) - 2D vector files/plans (AutoCad, Photoshop,Illustrator) - 2D Rendering ( Photoshop, AdobeFlash)

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  • zoranaelek's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Belgrade, Serbia
    6 Reviews

    Photoshop Expert 3D Modelling Designer Architect with six years experience in interior design I am ready to start work on your 3D Design and 3D Modelling jobs today. In my time I have worked as a 3D Design Designer and 3D Modelling Designer for many global employers for most of my career. I also have strong skills ...

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  • knowmad's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
    4 Reviews

    Recent projects include development for Android, iOS and PC, games, VR, branded games, remote development, visual effects and animation for television and advertising, visual design and set extensions for stage and theatre performances, and project management. My core strengths: End-to-end development of mobile g ...

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  • devsuvajit's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Kolkata, India
    3 Reviews

    Game Programmer for past 9 years. Worked on various Unity3d projects.

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Finding Google Cardboard Developers on Freelancer

What is Google Cardboard? The initial answer might sound a little underwhelming—it’s a cardboard image viewer. The lenses placed in the eyeholes are very similar to what you might have had in the View Master you used to use as a child.

It’s not the helmet itself, but the technology it enables that makes Google Cardboard worth talking about. By placing a compatible smartphone into the front of the headset, you’ve created a low-cost virtual reality headset! While far from a finished project, Google released Cardboard in 2014 for the purpose of generating interest in virtual reality and providing developers with a platform to create virtual reality applications.

The successful completion of a Google Cardboard project requires a working knowledge of Objective C, Java or C# depending on which mobile platform you are developing for. Does that sound like something you would be comfortable working on?

As an industry outsider unfamiliar with Google Cardboard and virtual reality, the learning curve may seem steep and lead to significant frustration as well as setbacks preventing the final completion of your Google Cardboard project. The simple solution? Hire a Google Cardboard expert.

Freelancer.com is the perfect place to crowdsource your virtual reality application development. The incredible programming talent found on Freelancer.com will make your Google Cardboard app sparkle and shine, showing off all of the potential that Google Cardboard and virtual reality have to offer.

A public project is a great way to get your project started on Freelancer. Write a detailed description of your project outlining your objectives and expectations and wait for the competitive bids to roll in! Posting a public project on Freelancer is free and a great way to get your feet wet in the world of virtual reality and mobile application development.

If you have any other specific set of skills or experience you’re looking for in a freelancer, give the Freelancer Directory a try. Using the directory, you can search for a freelancer using a number of criteria to filter through the thousands of talented Google Cardboard experts available for hire on Freelancer. Once you find a freelancer that you are interested in, take a look at their profile. Browse through their portfolios and reviews to help you make your final decision. Once you decide, you can even make the freelancer an offer directly from their profile!

Still having trouble deciding on the perfect freelancer for your Google Cardboard-related task? We understand. There’s a lot of great freelancers out there! Thankfully, the Preferred Freelancer Program has identified the top freelancers with virtual reality experience on the site and made them available to you via our Talent Recruiters. These recruiters will contact the site’s top talent and ask them to consider placing a bid on your project. Instantly gain access to competitive bids from the site’s top talent and get advice from our helpful recruiters. They’re sure to make your next project a huge success!

Freelancer.com has made finding a Google Cardboard expert easier than ever, so don’t wait! Hire an Arduino expert on Freelancer today!



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