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    Freelancer in Deoria, India
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    To maintain a long term relationship with my clients and provide them a quality work which exceed their expectations. I am confident in delivering the projects On Time and meet the quality criteria. Key Skills--- * Expertise: NodeJs, AngularJs, ExpressJs, Git, Mongo, jQuery, Javascript, Meteor, ReactJs, ASPNet, A ...

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    Freelancer in Dhaka, Bangladesh
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    I have extensive experience with Ruby, JavaScript, NodeJS, Perl, Python, Linux and cloud based technology stacks. I love to work with brand new tools and solve challenging problems. I am looking for a long term and full time position at the moment. My English is very good. I scored 8 in IELTS test. I write clear, ...

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    Freelancer in Kiyv, Ukraine
    6 Reviews

    SKILLS: * Python, including selenium, beautiful soup, sqalchemy, pandas, numpy, django * C++/C#/R/matlab/octave * SQL, mostly Postgresql, little MySQL, sqlite * Linux, bash, Git * statistics, machine learning I'm a student of KPI, IASA, so I knew mathematics (mathematical statistics , differential equations, opti ...

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    Freelancer in Jaipur, India
    265 Reviews

    We build websites and applications with fanatical attention to details, and offer a range of development services. We expertise in: Magento e-commerce development, magento Extension development, Customized theme Development, Responsive theme development, Magento Enterprise development. We also work in the areas of ...

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    Freelancer in Delhi, India
    7 Reviews

    Over the last 4 years, I have developed & Design a good variety of websites on different platforms like Ruby On Rail, Wordpress, using languages like HMTL5, PHP, Wordpress, CSS, Bootstrap and MySQL. My core ability lies in complete end-end management of a brand new web site development project, and that i am seeki ...

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    Freelancer in caxias do sul, Brazil
    80 Reviews

    8+ years experiencie in managing Linux servers. (firewall, proxy, mail, vpn, etc). . If you liked my work, consider make me happy ;) (order by priority) http://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/17I15GGR8H43M/ref=cm_wl_rlist_go_o http://www.amazon.com.br/gp/registry/wishlist/2SQVL0P8VJQN1/ref=cm_wl_rlist_go_o?

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Finding Git Professionals on Freelancer

Developed in 2005, Git is a version control system that is used primarily in software development and version control processes. The system is focused on speed, data integrity and the support of distribute, non-linear workflows.

Every Git working directory is a repository with a complete history and full version tracking capabilities which are independent of the central server. The software is distributed for free and the latest release was in April 2016.

The program was designed as a low level version control system and has since become a complete version control system that is directly useable for front ends.

Characteristics of the system include:

  • Distributed development - Git gives developes a local copy of the development history and any changes are imported as development branches.
  • Support for non-linear development - the program supports rapid branching and merging and the system can be merged more often than it is written.
  • Compatible - Git is compatible with HTTP, FTP and rsync and the program also has a CVS server emulation which provides access for existing plugins and repositories.
  • Cryptographic authentication of history - the Git history is stored so that the ID of the version depends on the development history leading up to that commit.

Git’s object database contain four main types of objects which include:

  • A binary large object - this is essentially the content of the file.
  • A tree object - this is the list of filenames and is essentially the snapshot of the source tree.
  • A commit object - this links the tree objects together into a history and will contain information such as a timestamp, a log message, and names of parent commit objects.
  • A tag object - used to store a digital signature, the tag object responds to data that is tracked by Git.

Benefits of using Git include:

  • Frictionless context switching
  • Role-based code allowing for more testing
  • Feature based workflow with seamless transitions
  • Disposable experimentation which can be deleted or abandoned as required

If you’re looking for an en expert Git developer to assist with your next project, a freelance Git professional can assist projects of all sizes.

Take advantage of Git’s open source capabilities and engage a Git expert from Freelancer.com today for your next project.


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