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  • xtxskif's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine
    45 Reviews

    I am master in GIS. I finished study in AGH in Krakow (Poland) and INTUOG (Ukraine). I am working in Expert Centre in Ukraine. I like sport. I have skills in computer programs: MapInfo, Vertical Mapper, ArcGIS, Quantum GIS, Google Earth Pro, AutoCAD, ArchiCAD, EasyTrace, Photoshop, Microsoft Office, etc. Also I use ...

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  • julpocho's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in MELBOURNE, Australia
    9 Reviews

    As a Master degree in Geospatial Information I have a wide range of areas where my knowledge can be useful. With five years of experience working for architects, engineers and surveyors in South America, Europe, Australia and Asia my work is an option in terms of creativity, accuracy and professionalism. Please fee ...

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  • nguyenquanglong's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
    29 Reviews

    Technical skills: 1. Strong GIS skills with Arcgis, Surfer, Mapinfo: digitize, cartography, topology, metadata, analyze image, spatial statistics, model builder. 2. Strong C#, javascript, php programming skills. 3. High level of experience with GIS (4 years). 4. Knowledge of SQL server, PostGIS, PostgreSQL. 5. Expe ...

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  • ReflectColor's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Pancevo, Serbia
    42 Reviews

    From 2006 I am engaged in development of solution based on: • Programming languages: JavaScript, PHP and C# • Databases: PostgreSQL/PostGIS, MySQL, MS SQL and MongoDB. • Markup language: HTML/HTML5 • Style sheet language: CSS/CSS3 • WebGIS: Google Maps, OpenStreetMap, Bing Maps and MapServer. ...

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  • msig0000's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Narsingdi, Bangladesh
    9 Reviews

    I have Masters in Geoinformatics and honors in Geography and Environment. I have experience in Geographic Information Systems, Remote Sensing, Image Processing and Web Application Development that include HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT (with some library), C#, Java, and Python. Front-end and back-end SQLServer,Postgre/Pos ...

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  • lnewey's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Brisbane, Australia
    9 Reviews

    Environmental GIS & Remote Sensing specialist with experience in Mining, Transport, Utility and Conservation industries. Highly skilled in GIS modelling, Cartographic services and Remote Sensing Image classification and Vegetation Mapping. Rehabilitation monitoring, Disturbance reporting and Offset planning ...

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Geospatial or Spatial Analysis is the method of applying statistical analysis and various other analytical techniques to data which has a geographical or spatial aspect. The analysis involves employing software which can produce map processing spatial data and apply analytical methods to terrestrial or geographic datasets including the use of Geomatics and Geographical Information System.

Geospatial involves collecting imagery, geomagnetic, aeronautical, gravimetric, hydrographic, topographic and cultural data in the most accurate form to understand the specific location of a particular object on the earth. The data are required for a variety of functions like military training, planning, operations, navigation, simulation, mission planning, exact targeting being just a few.

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