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    An office specialist is a person who is well versed with the operations of an office. Usually a general office specialist deals with administrative aspects of the office and will hold a relatively upper level rank in the hierarchy, which will be equivalent to an office manager.

    A general office specialist sometimes also gets the title of an administrative specialist. He/she provides communication, business support, and even takes care of the clerical support when the situation demands.

    Mostly, a general office specialist works from an office environment. In some cases, an office specialist can work remotely too, taking on the administrative duties like a virtual assistant. The duties of an office specialist depend to a considerable extent on the type of business of the organisation. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the opportunities for general office specialists are expected to rise by at least 12% by the year 2022.

    What exactly does the job of a general office specialist entail?

    A general office specialist is essentially responsible for executing senior level administrative duties requiring expertise in one or more areas of specialities, either for a single executive or for more than one in a group. Though the duties are apparently administrative in nature, they are limited to that.

    The duties include:

    1. Working with the executive and the team members as per the requirements of the business

    2. Liaising with different branches or departments and clients on behalf of the executive/team members

    3. Ensuring coordination with various departments for smooth operation of the business

    4. Working hand in hand with other businesses for the improvement of business operations and execution of various projects

    5. Resolution of most of the non-operational issues

    6. Acting as project leader for non-administrative projects

    7. Providing recommendations and other crucial inputs regarding administration and business operation to senior business managers

    8. Providing support to all facilities initiated by the management including office openings and closings and even moves

    9. Executing other additional duties as and when assigned.

    What are the qualifications expected of a general office specialist?

    1. A basic qualification of Bachelor’s degree in any field

    2. Excellent knowledge in Microsoft Office including Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint

    3. Certifications/Courses in accounting, keyboarding and communication

    4. Excellent communication skills both verbal and written

    5. Certificate and two-year degree programs to train as an office specialist. These programs provide adequate knowledge in computer applications, general office procedures, business mathematics, communication and customer service.


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