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  • Gayanegayane's Profile Picture
    Freelance Translator and Interpreter
    23 Reviews

    Works as a Translator and Interpreter from English to Russian language for about 5 years, has earned a good reputation for working as freelance English-Russian-Armenian translator

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  • goodi5's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Durban, South Africa
    5 Reviews

    I have a printing trade in composing ie typesetting. I am proficient in various programmes ie Freehand, Indesign, Photoshop, Acrobat, Word and Powerpoint.

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  • georginaackroyd8's Profile Picture
    Experienced Freelance Fashion Designer
    2 Reviews

    Has 3-year experience as In-house Designer for reputable clothing company and 2-year experience as Freelance Designer for international fashion businesses that uses CAD Design

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  • Krololo089's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Kotovsk, Russian Federation
    9 Reviews

    I'm a translator and my specialty is translation of websites, books, some technical translating and proofreading. I would describe myself as a committed, driven but approachable individual. I guarantee proper and prompt execution of orders, diligence and responsibility. Eagerly ready to start working!

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  • proflexq's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Barcelona, Spain
    2 Reviews

    Why you should hire talent through ProFlex? 1. Get access to the right professionals to develop your projects with the highest quality standards. No more hours wasted on selecting among massive amounts of applications from not-referred individuals 2. A single channel to handle all your enquires at a corporate level....

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  • zoomin201's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Kushtia, Bangladesh
    130 Reviews

    I am Iqbal from Bangladesh. My company name ZoomIn. I have 50 members team. I have small office in my city town Kushtia. My working experiences cover a variety of special areas such as Data Entry, Market Research, Internet Marketing, Social Media Marketing (SMM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). From those...

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Finding Freelance Developers on Freelancer

Why hire a freelance developer? Developers are responsible for creating the software that makes computers and cellphones worth using. Whether you’re looking to create an application for PC, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS or content for the web, a freelance developer can help take your concept and create a functional application that can your customers can use to get the most out of their device.

Applications have a variety of uses including productivity, education, entertainment and information just to name a few. Software development has grown in importance ever since the advent of computing and continues to grow today as an increasing number of the world’s population continues to take advantage of technology and all that it has to offer.

When the first iPhone debuted in 2007, application development exploded. For the first time, cell phone users had access to an application marketplace that featured thousands upon thousands of different applications to cater to every need and interest. By 2017, the cell phone app industry is projected to be worth approximately $77 billion. Both Apple and Google have publically available application development software that allows users to create applications for their devices and submit them for approval to their app marketplaces. It is now easier than ever to create an application and instantly have an audience of hundreds of millions of smartphone users.

Despite the access to the app economy, many are still hindered by a knowledge of application development. Having a great idea is not enough. One must also have the ability to create the code that makes an app work. Does that mean that the code illiterate are out of luck? Not at all.

Freelancer.com is the place to find a freelance developer for hire. If you have a great idea for an application but don’t have the technical skills to make your concept a reality, consider hiring a freelance developer. The process is nowhere near as daunting as learning Objective-C or Java! All you’ll need to do is create a project, find a freelancer and work together to make your application dream come true!

There’s several different ways to get the ball rolling on your Freelancer project. The first way is to create a public project. Public projects are free and incredibly simple to post. All you’ll need to do is write a description for your project outlining your specifications and expectations. Once your project goes live, freelance developers from around the world will be coming to you with competitive bids and proposals for your project!

If you have a particular set of skills or experience in mind, use the Freelancer Directory to browse freelancers and view their public profiles. When you find a freelancer you’re interested in working with, make them an offer directly from their page. It’s as easy as that!

Still not sure which freelance developer to hire? Not a problem! The Preferred Freelancer Program has identified the top freelance developers on the site and made them directly available to you via our Talent Recruiters. Your Recruiter will contact freelance developers that are a great match for your project and can even make a personal recommendation for your next hire!

Hiring a freelance developer here on Freelancer.com is easier than ever, so don’t wait! Get your big idea developed on Freelancer.com today!