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    FPGA stands for field programmable gate array. What this means is FPGA is an integrated circuit, which means that you, as the customer, can manipulate a program after all is said and done. In a nutshell, it allows you to program after a program is a program. This opens up a whole new meaning to the after-life of programs.

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    Let's Take A Deeper Look Into FPGA:

    • FPGA originated from PROM (Programmable Read-Only Memory) and PLD’s (Programmable Logic Devices)
    • Reprogrammable gates go back as far as the 1980’s
    • In the 1990’s, FPGA’s came into their own, mapping the way for many a wonderful project being manipulated in stunning ways
    • The modern approach to FPGA’s is by combining logic blocks and interconnects with embedded microprocessors – this is then implemented onto a programmable chip
    • Hybrid’s are on the up and up and non-FPGA architectures are coming into the forefront and being merged with FPGA-like programmable cores. In turn they are being added to the same chip

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