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    Freelancer in YEREVAN, Armenia
    3 Reviews

    Hi, my name is Gor, I have: Bachelor degree in International Relations, MBA in American University of Armenia, 5 years of experience in Software development. I am specialized in: Javascript, , MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, REST, CSS, SASS/LESS, Cordova, Jquery, HTML5, OOP, SQL, Jquery UI, Postgre SQL, apache, NGNX,...

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  • wahajdar's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Karachi, Pakistan
    43 Reviews

    Kudos, Mr. Guest! I'm quite flattered you came here (accidentally i guess) :) So the thing is whenever it comes to web based environments, I'm always prepared for it and can be counted anytime if needed. Technically, I'm currently at the edge of completing my Undergraduate in "Software Engineering" from a well-known...

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  • quanganh206's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Ha Noi, Vietnam
    19 Reviews

    I am experiencing over 10 years developing Websites and Mobile Apps (iOS, Android) for 4 years. Hope to bring your ideas into live products. Your Works, My Hands :D Github account: quanganh206 https://quanganh206.github.io

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  • UNDERSC0RE's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Bangalore, India
    7 Reviews

    Starting out fresh, Will do my best I Want to learn, And to earn Bring it on, I will handle it all

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  • kl65us's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Chernivtsi, Ukraine
    36 Reviews

    Hi, my name is Myroslav Gavriliak. I believe my strong points are punctuality, honesty and perseverance. In my opinion the best presentation is clients feedback and you can see this in my profile. Since I have 3+ years of experience developing web-based application I clearly understand that besides of perfect code...

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  • jameer8879's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Deoria, India
    29 Reviews

    To maintain a long term relationship with my clients and provide them a quality work which exceed their expectations. I am confident in delivering the projects On Time and meet the quality criteria. Key Skills--- * Expertise: NodeJs, AngularJs, ExpressJs, Git, Mongo, jQuery, Javascript, Meteor, ReactJs, ASPNet,...

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Finding Express JS Developers on Freelancer

Express.js is one of the most popular node.js web application frameworks in use by expert developers today. It is known for its minimalistic style that still provides an optimal amount of function. It is heavily used for business purposes to create enterprise software, and also for developers to have better control of real time data within a server.

ExpressJS comes with all the necessary tools to read server-side HTTP requests from clients, routing and static file serving, and allows for developers to build upon its functionality using middleware. The “Hello World” application for Express.js is another great feature developers have been pleased with. It involves lesser amounts of code and can be extended with little effort.

Some of the major features of Express.js include:

  • It is incredibly extensible. Due to its simplistic design it is able to be extended easily to serve applications that relate specifically to business related functionality.
  • Logging/counting GET requests to a specific location is done with ease (.
  • Visibility of the URI parameters of a POST or GET request is exceptional.
  • It is able to be used as an underlying library for all of the apps across an organization.
  • Proxying is exponentially easier within the Express.js framework.
  • The use of tape within the framework makes test integration a breeze.
  • Creates code that is visually pleasing as well as maintainable.

Express.js is being used for a large variety of projects including building the back-ends for both personal and corporate APIs, building broad-scoped dispute resolution centers for sellers and buyers, and advanced application security. Express.js has the capability to build big and scalable REST APIs, which is a very sought after feature by expert developers. It is incredibly easy to write handlers and plugins for it and also gives you access to a large quantity of plugins for use.

Express.js is event driven, meaning that it enables registering profound functionalities by way of connecting them to the other events that are being executed once triggered. In addition to all of the great user-friendly tools, this framework is doing a fantastic job at keeping up with the ever-changing needs of developers. As the web moves towards a mobile-client focused interface, Express.js is designed to specifically support real-time mobile web. Express within Node.js makes for portability, interoperability, and awesome performance all the way around.

If you’re looking for a solution for your Express.JS needs or if you are looking to trial a freelancer to see if they provide the levels of expertise you are looking for, using a platform such as Freelancer.com is a fantastic option.

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