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    Freelancer in Kolkata, India
    45 Reviews

    With a small team of experienced writers, we are growing rapidly. Solutions are always on time maintaining the desired quality. All we would request is to try us once (as we believe action speaks louder than words) and then decide for yourself, regarding the next time. Check our reviews which will speak a lot as well

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  • Orchiddean's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Yerevan, Armenia
    10 Reviews

    PERSONAL SUMMARY A competent translator in 3 different languages (English, Russian, Armenian) and legal assistant with a friendly personality and plenty of client service experience, including the ability to communicate to clients clearly and politely. Organized and willing to accept responsibility in meeting...

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  • OpMar's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Inglewood, United States
    13 Reviews

    I have been working online for over ten years as a web developer and content provider. I am very good with WordPress and social media promotion.

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  • Jacupel's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Lagos, Nigeria
    23 Reviews

    I am a native English speaker with good knowledge of French and basic knowledge of German. I'm good at transcribing English audio, copy typing, translating from French to English and data entry

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  • luluzinhalara's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Belo Horizonte, Brazil
    4 Reviews

    Brazilian, large experience with translations and content creation, mainly on Marketing and other business areas. I can work with practically all areas of knowledge and sources of information. TKT Cambridge Certificate Owner. Brasileira, experiência com traduções e com criação de conteúdo acadêmico, especialmente com...

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  • anitavoi's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Constanta, Romania
    68 Reviews

    • I'm a qualified English teacher, with an experience of 9 years. Part-time, during all these years I have been involved in different projects: private English lessons, transcriptions, a lot of translations, English-Romanian, Romanian-English, rephrasing in English, typing work. • I really like what I am doing in my...

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Finding English Spelling Specialists on Freelancer

English is an official language in almost 60 sovereign states and is the third most common native language worldwide. In the modern world of  technology,  spelling softwares found via  a quick Google search have eased the burden of fundamental learnings and have been used for basic spelling needs. However, the need for mastering spelling as a skill is a present issue and may require the assistance of an expert.

Learning English-spelling may be nothing less than a nightmare for people whose first language is other than English. Even native speakers may find it troublesome to pronounce and spell certain words. The English language is prone to inconsistencies and a slight error or mistake in single spelling may produce embarrassing and uninviting results. Correct spelling is the fundamental requirement of writing content within english and will affect the overall presentation of your work.

Learning English-spelling is a long term process and one might not expect to be the master of the skill within a few days or months. Continuous involvement and passion to learn are the essentials to completely absorb the dynamics of English language. To keep pace with rising demand of English language, you may chose to seek help from an English-spelling specialist. Spellings can be improved by an individuals own efforts and hard work however seeking professional and expert guidance will channel your efforts in achieving your goal.

An English-spelling specialist should be familiar with the latest techniques and methodology of teaching to improve the learning experience of the seeker and possess great aptitude for the tasks mentioned below:

  1. Every individual is different and the same course of action can’t be employed with each learner so versatility in delivering skills is a key factor

  2. Helping learners in coping with everyday spelling problems

  3. Making the learning experience of difficult words easy by teaching various techniques and providing different hints to remember spelling

  4. Providing guidance about areas such as homophones which remain unchecked with computer software and applications

  5. Encouraging week learners and students and developing their interest by motivating them to use all five senses in rehearsing spelling

  6. Regular typing and writing sessions should be encouraged to promote better spelling skills amongst learners

  7. Designing word games and other similar activities to boost the interest of seeker in learning spelling

  8. Optimizing the reading habit as this also improves vocabulary and spellings

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