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  • belovewriter's Profile Picture
    eBay Listing Specialist
    84 Reviews

    An expert in creating and managing listing and variation in eBay. Uses Turbo Lister, Blackthorne Pro, Auctiva, Inkfrog, CSV's, Selling Manager Pro, eBay Motors.

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  • roomitech's Profile Picture
    Skilled eBay Lister
    116 Reviews

    Great expertise in bulk product upload, specially on eBay through CSV's and other compatible listing software. Services includes eBay Turbo Lister, Blackthorne Pro, file exchange.

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  • a2zdesignstore's Profile Picture
    Expert in eBay Design
    55 Reviews

    eBay design firm that specializes and developed over 150 eBay stores including some of the highest performing platforms and sellers. Skilled in InkFrog, Turbo Lister, Auctiva, etc.

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  • aboobakr's Profile Picture
    Skilled eBay Support
    39 Reviews

    A PHP developer with experiences in API's such as eBay, Amazon and Google. Expertise in eBay listing and advertisements, eCommerce, social media marketing and internet marketing.

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  • ashrafulalom's Profile Picture
    eBay Multiple Variation Expert
    8 Reviews

    eBay services include: eBay file exchange variation bulk product listing, store template design, store management, listing and multiple variations, and add watcher.

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  • hattysvoices's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Kingston, Jamaica
    7 Reviews

    I am a Public Relations Specialist just starting out my freelance career in voice over talent having done this in my 9-5 job for 5 years as a public relations specialist where I wrote press releases,articles for newsletters,websites,and published in reputable newspapers . Did a number of ads and produced them usin ...

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Finding eBay Professionals on Freelancer

eBay is the world's biggest online auction website, and ebay.com is a favorite on the majority of Internet browsers. Whether you are buying, selling, comparing prices, starting up or already running a small business, most Internet users are familiar with eBay.

In today's internet age it is highly possible to produce a substantial salary from a professional eBay store but it is important to note that the sales techniques and marketing strategies on eBay differ to those which are used to sell goods in a shop or even through an online store so if you are considering using eBay online to list items then you will need to enlist the services of somebody who has professional skills in eBay.com.

eBay was initially launched in 1995 (named Auction Web - the name change to eBay took place in 1997) in the San Jose living room of creator Pierre Omidyar as an online marketplace for individuals to buy and sell unwanted items within an auction bidding framework. Today, eBay is a global marketplace particularly popular in Europe, Australasia (with the most popular eBay site being eBay USA), with an estimated 162 million active users across the world; with this significant growth, what was once considered merely a treasure chest for the unusual items is now a highly competitive international market.

It is easy to underestimate the need to hire eBay experts to assist with your professional store considering its humble origins however if you are considering any business related EBay activity, ensuring your success it is vital that you hire the services of an eBay expert, profiles of which can be found on Freelancer.com

eBay is an original concept with little in the way of similar sites so a freelance eBay expert who is familiar with eBay online will be aware of and have experience in marketing techniques which are unique to the online auction marketplace, utilizing these particular skills will ensure that your eBay business stays ahead of the competition thus increasing your revenue. Bulk listing is a special skill, which is required for an eBay business to be successful, and unless you have professional knowledge and expertise in this area, it is a task that will take up an enormous amount of your time which can be much better utilized elsewhere. Hiring an expert eBay user from Freelancer.com will mean that your products are listed promptly which increases the opportunity for them to be sold and again, increasing your revenue.

If you are just beginning to dip your toe into the online auction site water, hiring a professional eBay expert will allow you to focus on other tasks while monitoring the success of your initial listings. If you achieve the success, you can continue to work with the same or a different eBay expert, but if you don't, then you are under no obligation to re-hire or consider paying for them.

Many successful businesses are run through eBay online these days and if you are considering a bulk listing of any kind or even carrying out research for your product then hiring an expert from one of the thousands available on Freelancer.com will bring success to your initiative. They will use marketing techniques, which you may not be familiar with and as freelancers, they can provide flexible hours and competitive rates to suit your timeframe and budget.


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