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    Freelancer in Montreal, Kenya
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    I hold a first degree in Applied Economics with a masters degree in Business Administration- Strategic Planning. I am an experienced writer and in my last 5 years of eBook, academic, technical and research consultancy, I have expanded my skills to provide end to end solutions. My range of services include; 1. Acad ...

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    Freelancer in islamabad, Pakistan
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    If we practice achieving perfection, perfection is not achieved but we move toward excellence. I am confident in saying that I have achieved excellence in all these types of tasks including data extraction and data entry, having smart typing speed. I am a computer science student. My expertise also includes bloggi ...

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    Freelancer in Brooklyn, United States
    2 Reviews

    First impressions last! The average reader makes an executive decision on the appeal of script within the first ten seconds of reading. To capitalize on this, you need lucid, attractive and precise copy, which I can deliver! Utilizing my vast article, academic and investment document writing experience, I speciali ...

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    Freelancer in Middleburg, United States
    6 Reviews

    I have a big imagination and, sometimes, I just lack a little direction. I'm looking to find a way to put my creative writing to use as means to make a little bit of cash and explore myself. I'm comfortable with deadlines and willing to try my hand at anything.

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    Freelancer in Waynesville, United States
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    A professional in the industry with over 10 years experience. Satisfaction is guaranteed!

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    Freelancer in Faridabad, India
    59 Reviews

    I'm an extremely skilled writer and editor of a variety of contents -- blog, website, SEO content, academic, etc. I've had various articles, both fiction and non fiction, published in reputed journals, newspapers and online publications. I have a bachelors degree in English Literature. I also have experience work ...

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Finding eBook Writers on Freelancer

What is an eBook? An electronic book (eBook for short) is a book published in digital format. Originally eBooks were principally a converted electronic version of a print published book. The demand for books in digital format has increased exponentially (an estimated 28% of Americans read at least one eBook during 2015), and coupled with lower publishing costs and a boom in eBook reading technology, the prevalence of eBooks with no print alternative is extensive.

An eBook typically consists of text and images, relatively consistent to the printed alternative, although a key differentiator in many eBooks is interactivity, leveraging internal links and the power of the internet. EBooks are often designed for enjoyment on dedicated e-readers, such as Amazon’s popular Kindle product. However, the ubiquitous nature of mobile phones, tablets and other devices with controllable viewing screens has heightened eBook consumption and minimized the requirement for an exclusive eBook reading device.

A 5% increase in eBook consumption during the past 12 months has many experts predicting e-publishing will overtake traditional publishing in the not so distant future.

eBooks are published, sold and downloaded in a variety of formats to ensure device compatibility. The most common formats include:

  • ePUB - ePub is an eBook version developed by the International Digital Publishing Forum. It is based on XHTML and XML technologies and is compatible with devices such as Apple's iPad, iPhone, Sony readers, Kobo e-reader and Nook from Barnes and Noble.
  • AZW - AZW is the Amazon adopted format utilized on Kindle devices. It is similar to MOBI and can be leveraged by non-Kindle devices, such as smartphones and tablets, through the availability of Kindle apps.
  • PDF - Perhaps the most commonly understand format is PDF, constructed for Adobe products. Native support for PDF is ubiquitous, or can be achieved through the free download of Adobe Reader.
  • MOBI - MOBI is MobiPocket’s eBook reading software for use on PDAs and smartphones. A range of third-party readers can view MOBI devices including Stanza, FBReader, Kindle and STDU Viewer.
  • ODF - The default format for OpenOffice, a popular alternative to MS Office, is ODF. ODF is an XML-based construct for compatible eBook files.

There are a range of motivations for eBooks creation. Most commonly individuals or businesses create fiction or nonfiction books to generate revenues through sales. Increasingly prevalent is the delivery of eBooks as a source of valuable content to customers. Numerous businesses use free eBooks as a lead generation tool, provided in exchange for a prospect's contact information.

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