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    D3.js is one of the leading data display tools in the market to date. The original D3.js code was written by Mike Bostock while completing his Ph.D. studies at the Stanford Visualization Group. While the original library is versatile on its own, it can be further customized to suit specific purposes by adding different plugins and components.

    This ability to adapt the original software and customize it for different purposes increases the potential of the software. Many online businesses today choose to use this software to enhance their digital data display as it allows them to build the exact data visualization framework they require. The ability to add unlimited functions extends its possibilities so you can choose to style and manipulate the data any way you want.

    Here are some broad steps that a D3.js expert will perform during the Data Visualization process:

    • Step 1 - Manually acquire the data, whether from a file on a disk or a source over a network.
    • Step 2 – Structure the collected data and order it into categories using names, tags, indices and formats. This makes it easier for everyone to see what data has been collected.   
    • Step 3 – After putting the data into a proper structure, the unnecessary data should be filtered out and only the data of interest is retained.
    • Step 4 – Use data mining techniques to determine patterns and place the data in mathematical context.
    • Step 5 – Choose a visual basic model. This could be a list, bar graph or tree.
    • Step 6 – Work on the basic representation and improve it, so it is more visually engaging.
    • Step 7 – Add various methods for controlling what features can be seen and which should remain invisible.

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