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    Finding Danish Translators on Freelancer

    In addition to being the official language of Denmark, Danish is also widely spoken in several other European countries including Greenland, Iceland, the Faroe Islands and Northern Germany, which is home to an estimated 50,000 Danes.

    If you have business counterparts in any of these countries you will need to learn at least the basics of the language. Of course the more fluent you are in Danish, the better it will be for you especially when you are engaged in business negotiations with any company located in the countries mentioned above.  

    Studies have shown that the best way to learn any language is through an immersive experience, which means spending time in that country and conversing with the people in that language. But not everyone can afford to do that.

    The next best alternative is to hire a professional who speaks the language. Many people who speak Danish sign up on freelance sites such as where they offer one-on-one lessons to anyone who wants to master the art of speaking fluently in Danish.

    In addition to teaching others to speak the language, Danish experts on also offer the following services:

    • Writing, editing and proofreading Danish articles

    • Drafting and proofreading official and legal Danish documents

    • Designing Danish websites, banners and logos

    • Danish interpretations

    • Dual language speakers offer translation from any language into Danish as well as translations from Danish into another language

    Here’s how to find a Danish expert on

    1. You first register and create an account on the site

    2. Once you’ve registered, you can post a project looking for freelancers fluent in speaking and writing Danish.

    3. Make sure you provide as detailed a brief as possible so that you attract the right individuals. For example, do you just want to learn the basics of Danish or do you want to be able to speak the language fluently? Do you want to learn the language slowly over a period of few weeks or months or do you need a crash course or?

    4. For best results, mention specifically how much time and money you are willing to spend to learn Danish.

    5. Depending on the specifications that you provide, you will receive offers from Danish experts who agree to your terms.

    6. Go through the bids and take the discussion the terms and schedule further with a few shortlisted Danish experts who you think you would like to work with.

    7. Award the project to your selected Danish expert and get ready for your first lesson.

    When you hire a Danish expert on Freelancer, you have a lot of flexibility in terms of schedule, price and pace of the lessons. You are not stuck in a traditional foreign-language classroom where you have to keep pace with the teacher and the rest of the class.

    Whether you are planning on visiting Denmark on holiday or business or whether you are looking to get articles written or documents translated or proofread, it all starts with hiring a Danish expert on