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    Since ancient Egyptian times in 1600 BC, recipes and the depicting of food have been created and saved for future use. A timeless process for collecting and sharing instructions for culinary dishes, recipes are a popular way to explore new cultures and signature dishes from a particular culinary area such as French, Italian or Japanese cuisine.

    With the introduction of the printing press in the 16th and 17th centuries, there was an influx in the number of books that focused on how to manage a household, cooking and food preparation.

    By the 17th century, cooking was considered an art form and there was a trend towards sharing and publishing the recipes of cooks and chefs who had skills that were in demand across the country and the world.

    A recipe usually consists of the following components:

    • The name of the dish and possibly the region the dish comes from and any background to the dish
    • Time to prepare the dish
    • The required ingredients including measurements for each item
    • Equipment required to make the dish
    • Steps and techniques for preparing the dish
    • A photograph of the finished dish

    Often, recipe writers add variations and tips for making the recipe more unique based on taste and season. If you’re looking to get a recipe created by an expert or you need a recipe book created, engaging a freelance recipe writer is a simple way to create the perfect recipe book for your needs.

    Whether you are creating a book on dessert, cuisine from a certain culture, sauces, paleo dishes, vegetarian dishes or books focused on particular meats, a cooking recipe expert can help create the book for you to your exact specifications. Recipes can be created to suit beginners right through to accomplished chefs and are specially created to present a dish that is noteworthy and filled with delectable flavors.

    Whether you’re looking to created a printed cookbook, an eBook or online recipes for your website, consider engaging a freelancer cooking and recipe expert from

    Log onto today and view the extensive list of cooking recipe writers who are ready and available to create recipes for your book or website. Recipe writers can share their feedback and experience ahead of employers awarding freelancer work to individuals, so you can be assured of quality work from your employee.

    Finding a recipe writer is easy and fast with Log on today and explore the freelance possibilities.