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    Catia is an acronym that stands for Computer Aided Three Dimensional Interactive Application. Its first introduction was in 1977 when Dassault Systems released it to design their Mirage fighter jet. Up till now, they are still maintaining and developing the software.

    Over time, Catia software has evolved tremendously and now incorporates the following capabilities; CAD, CAE and CAM. The software also includes a range of features including  2D and 3D designs. Presently, there are several versions of Catia available to the public. These versions include Catia V4, V5, and V6.  The most popular of the selections is Version 5 as it is applied commonly in practice, while some industries are still using Version 4 in combination with Version 5.

    In large organizations, the difficulty of handling big data, analysing data and allowing users to share this data is quite tedious. To tackle this problem, Catia 5 is available for use as a file based while Catia 6 is already integrated with ENOVIA which prevents loss of data and security context control.

    Are you having some trouble working with Catia? Don’t understand the software or how it works? Perhaps hiring a Catia expert can help!

    Using Catia is cost effective because the users do not require all functionalities made available in Catia so the license is divided to include desired functionality. Depending on the license you purchase, you can get additional tools and work benches which will allow you to do several things.

    An expert on Catia, will be able to work with these tools which allows the user to:

    • Engineer drawing creations

    • Understand  Generative sheetmetel design

    • Do Part modeling

    • Surface modeling

    • Assembly modeling

    • Finite element Analysis

    Catia has been adopted by various industries and company’s worldwide. Currently, Catia is being used in automotive companies such as  BMW, Porsche, Bently motors, Volkswagen and Volvo to create car structures and tires. Aerospace companies such as Boeing use Catia V3 to develop its 777 airliner and have adopted Catia V5 to develop its 787 aircraft series.

    If you are familiar with the Catia software, you will know that:

    • It enables companies to create products and bring them into the market

    • It provides support from the time of inception of the product concept to pooling

    • It supports product quality and shortens the time of its users to the market

    • Catia advanced capabilities boost innovation and help its customers to lead the market

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